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Railway signaling technology

All over the world level crossings are the neuralgic points of railway systems. Their safety and the coordination of the road and railway traffic require highest reliability conjoint with simple operability and this at low investment and maintenance costs. All this is ensured by means of PINTSCH BAMAG railway signalling technology.


The RBUET technology can be used for all types of applications in the area of level crossing protection. The control unit RBUET is designed as a vital 2-of-3 computer system. The chosen architecture results in a high safety level combined with high technical availability and low production costs.


The BUEP technology can be used for a wide range of applications in the area of level crossing protection. Because of its high flexibility the BUEP is very popular for use in private, factory and port railways. Due to its modular construction with basic equipment and functional groups it can be individually enlarged.


The BUEP hLz technology was developed for protection of level crossings on low frequented railway lines with simplified modes of operation like industrial or quayside railways. It is characterized by a very space-saved and compact construction. All components are approved by the EBA as the German railway board of control.

Level crossing components

PINTSCH BAMAG offers different level crossing components like road and track signals, train detectors, barriers and cabinet components.

Interlocking components

PINTSCH BAMAG offers different interlocking components like signals, approach indicators, relay modules, interfaces and interlocking panels.

Vehicle Equipment

Power Supply Systems

Innovation and tradition are the basics of PINTSCH BAMAGs success. Our single- and multi-voltage power supply systems and their components (e.g. battery chargers and inverters) have fulfilled the complex requirements of international railways for decades now.

Light Systems

PINTSCH BAMAG front lights and rear lights with multiple functions for locomotives, tractive units, passenger cars and goods wagons demonstrably comply with the UIC regulations in all respects. Through the use of modern LED technology, account is taken of the customers´ wishes for maintenance-free products - here LED service life >100.000 hours.

Door Systems

PINTSCH BAMAG sets standards as the market leader in door control systems for railway vehicles. The extensive product range includes door control systems, door control equipment and accessory components. These offer customized solutions for a wide variety of pneumatically or electrically driven door systems.

Boarding Systems

The boarding system consists of a box-like unit that is fitted in the under floor area. Inside the unit are intelligent steps that automatically slide out when required. The requirements applying to this system reflect the demands placed on the vehicle category by operators and vehicle manufacturers.

Heating Systems

Our oil burners, heating boilers and control units, which have demonstrated their value over thousands of times in Europe, have been developed especially for use as under floor systems in tractive units, locomotives and touring cars. Oil burners and heating boilers form a unit for generation of the hot water in hot water heating systems. Alongside the heating of the passenger space, this unit is also used to preheat the diesel engines.

Optical Laboratory

Our optical laboratory, which will shortly receive certification, allows light testing for conformity to the UIC requirements; measuring of luminous intensity as a function of both the horizontal and the vertical angle using a goniophotometer, including for beacons with a non-constant luminous intensity (e.g. flashes); color measuring using the spectrophotometric method in accordance with part 4 of DIN 5033 and the three-range procedure in accordance with part 6 of DIN 5033; luminous flux measuring with an Ulbricht sphere photometer; and luminous intensity measuring using a luxmeter.

Warning Technology


Getting maximum attention - a basic condition for driving safely to the scene of an accident or for securing the incident zone. The PINTSCH BAMAG lightbars meet this requirement to the fullest extent in their daily use by the police, fire brigade and emergency medical services, as well as in civil defence and disaster control.

Warning Systems

Wherever road users need to be warned or vehicles driven with a special signal to protect the emergency personnel, the PINTSCH BAMAG warning sytems are used. For many years, the police, fire brigades, emergency medical services, government authorities and the armed forces have placed their trust in the functionality and reliability of our systems.


To the same extent that the fields of application are varied, the product range of the PINTSCH BAMAG beacons is extensive. Our beacons warn of hazardous areas, secure the transport of goods by heavy vehicles, or accompany vehicles of the police, fire brigade and emergency medical services at the incident scene. Our beacons also guarantee maximum attention-getting power in the industrial sector and on waterways or railway tracks.

LED Flasher

Owing to the progress in LED technology, the use of this light source in flashing beacons is becoming increasingly important for securing police, fire brigade and emergency medical service vehicles. Even when space is scarce, they can still be fitted because of their very small size, which simplifies integration in the vehicle.

Electronic Sirens

A reliable solution: the PINTSCH BAMAG electronic sirens. The wide-area irradiation of the affected zone with the sound of sirens signals an imminent disaster. Voice announcements can provide the public with up-to-date information with a degree of coverage that cannot be guaranteed by public media. In addition, the solar option guarantees independence from the electricity network.

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