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    • Radio Remote Control

      ANALOGUE A command that can vary between the minimum and maximum value of a voltage or current. RECEIVING UNIT A device which, when connected to the machine to be controlled, decodes the digital data sequence and transforms it into electrical impulses which the machine needs in order to carry out the command selected by the operator on the portable transmitting unit TRANSMITTING UNIT A portable unit which communicates, to the receiving unit, the sequence of digital data that forms the command selected by the operator using the transmitting unit command devices (pushbuttons, selectors, joysticks). APPLICATION Sector where the radio remote control is used. ACTUATOR Electromechanical device which transforms a mechanical movement into an electric signal. COMMAND An individual instruction which must be given to the machine in order to carry out a single movement or task. FUNCTION A set of commands which carry out the same movement in its different directions or shifts. UNSTABLE A command which returns to its rest position. RANGE Maximum transmitting distance possible between the transmitting unit and its receiving unit. PROPORTIONAL A command that can vary between a minimum and a maximum voltage or current value according to the movement of an actuator. PWM Pulse Width Modulation. Modulation of the impulse width. This is the equipment control technique with proportional commands in current. RADIO REMOTE CONTROL Remote command that uses electromagnetic wave radio connection. SPARE PARTS Equipment parts that can be replaced through time. STABLE A command that remains in the position it is moved to. CABLE CONTROL Remote command connected via cable. CHARGE CONTROL Of a battery charger, the technology which allows control of the battery charge state. This guarantees optimum use. NiCd BATTERY Rechargeable batteries with Nickel-Cadmium cells. Standard charge capacity. NiMh BATTERY Rechargeable batteries with Nickel-Metal hydrate cells. High charge capacity.

    • SCR Power Controller TC2000 Series

      Eurotherm SCR Power Controller TC2000 Series eurotherm scr power controller tc2000 series tc2000 two leg three phase or two zone single phase solid...

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