ARJAY  Level Controls

Capacitance level probes for liquids and solids are available with relays, 4-20 mA outputs, RS-485 communication, and user friendly display

Model 9820     Probe mounted Switch
Model 9830     Remote mounted Switch
Model 9080     Probe mounted Transmitter
Series 2000    Remote mounted Controller

ARJAY   Open Channel Flow

Model 2114-OCF

Pre-programmed weir and flume calculations are available on this unit with  flow, level, and totalization relays. The display provides flow rate and totalization.

ARJAY   Plugged Chute Detection

Model 9830-PCD

The in-line non-intrusive sensor measures the dielectric change as solids displace air during a plugged condition. This alerts equipment and
operators before extensive  process damage occurs

ARJAY   Area Leak Alarm

Model 9830-LPS

Up to 3 sensor pucks can be monitored for a common alarm at the remote alarm box. The sensors can be placed around machinery, tanks, in electical  vaults, sub-floors... anywhere a liquid leak might occur

ARJAY   Tank Leak Alarms

Model 9830-ILA

A flexible sensing cable wraps the belly or end of a double-walled tank to measure liquid intrusion into the interstitial space. The alarm unit can be mounted safely away from the tank

ARJAY   Dry Pump + Phase Detection

Model 9820-DPM     (integral electronics)
Model 9830-DPM     (remote electronics

The in-line non-intrusive sensor measures the dielectric change as th liquid changes from one dielectric phase to another (ie. water to oil
if there is a change in the presence or absence of liquid in the pipe.

ARJAY   Floating Oil Spill Alarm

Model 9830-HCF

Ideal for sumps and containments, the floating sensor rides the changing water level and will alarm when oil accumulates on the water surface.

ARJAY   Oil Thickness Monitor

Model 2114-HCF

Used where the accumulation of oil is desirable but is to be monitored for alarms or controlled pump out. The floating sensor follows the
changing water levels in a non- static vessel

ARJAY   Oil/Water Separator Monitors

Model 9820-OWS    Probe mounted Switch
Model 9830-OWS    Remote mounted Switch
Model 2114-OWS    Continuous Monitor

Probes and monitors are available to alert personnel when the Oil Water Separator has accumulated oil. Simple alarms to continuous monitors for pump control and valve operation are standard

ARJAY   Oil/Water % Concentration

Model 2114-OWM

The capacitance probe monitors the dielectric change in pipes, tanks and oil/water knock-out systems as the oil emulsion transitions from an oil phase to a water phase. Multiple probes can profile a tank for process optimization

ARJAY   ppm Oil in Water Monitors

FluoroCheck II  bench top unit

This benchtop model uses a fluorescence technique to readily correlate to laboratory methods such as EPA 1664 and ISO 9377-2. The standard measurement range is 0-100 ppm petroleum oil (TPH) in water

ARJAY  HydroSense 2410

ARJAY  on-line industrial wastewater  and produced water

The unique non-contacting flow through design is ideal for industrial wastewater and produced water applications. The fluorescence approach is selective to petroleum hydrocarbons for process and environmental monitoring.

ARJAY    HydroSense 3410 and 3420

on-line clean or filtered water

The closed loop design uses a fluorescence or light scatter technique for oils in clean or filtered water. The 3410 is selective to petroleum oils. The 3420 responds to any oil type. These are typically used on cooling water and bilge separators

Related Arjay Products                   

Arjay Product Overview AR-OV-09

EC-GOLD Gas Monitors

The EC-Gold is ideal for toxic gas monitoring in commercial and light industrial applications such as parking garages and warehouses. An analog 4-20mA and RS-485 communication is standard


This complete stand alone monitor offers a LCD display, alarm relays, buzzer and analog output. Up to 2 on-board sensors plus remote inputs
are available. Ideal for maintenance and municipal vehicle storage

ARJAY   Specialty Control Panels and Instrumentation

Let Arjay help you design and build a panel or control system specific to your needs. Our technical engineering staff and UL Approved assembly facility can assist with any facet of your project

ARJAY    Water Cut Monitors

Capacitance sensors with temperature compensation reliably measure water cuts from 0 to 25% water in oil. These instruments are used
for process monitoring and custody transfer applications.

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