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What's New Numatics has an extensive history of generating bright ideas, innovative concepts, and technological breakthroughs. In fact, our innovativeness dates back to our humble beginning in 1945. Today we continue our constant pursuit of offering our customers the best solutions for their application requirements at an economical price. Please take a look at some of the newest product offerings from Numatics.
Numatics ISO 21287 449 Series
ISO 21287 449 Series 

Compact ISO 21287 range, specially designed to fit in a reduced space. Long lasting and reliability guaranteed by using the proven technology already equipped in Numatics Cylinders.
Numatics ISO 15552 450 Series
ISO 15552 450 Series 

"Tie-rod" ISO 15552 Cylinder from bore size 32 to 100 mm, offers an extensive range of accessories, allowing easy installation for virtually every application.
Numatics ISO 15552 453 Series
ISO 15552 453 Series 

The "modern looking" ISO 15552 Cylinder has one clean side with no retention areas. This new and improved profile tube design has no tie rods, resulting in a lighter, more esthetic solution to fit in the most exigent applications.
Numatics Directional Control Valves Series 503 Photo
Numatics Directional Control Valves - 503 Series

Numatics 503 Valve series provides higher flow and higher reliability in one versatile valve platform. Our 503 Series is available in dual 3-Way and 4-Way solenoid air pilot actuated valves. 503 Series valves are available with manifold or individual base mountings, proprietary or ISO 15407. Numatics 503 series valves are compatible the Numatics G3Fieldbus Electronics Platform.

Series: 503
KG Series Cylinders  

KG Series Cylinder
The KG Series pneumatic cylinder is specifically designed for automated valve operation.  This design is widely used throughout the valve / knife gate industry, and can also be utilized in an assortment of applications that requires light duty pneumatic actuation.

280 Series Digital Pressure/Vacuum Sensors
280 Series Digital Pressure/Vacuum Sensors
Numatics DPS / DVS 280 series digital sensors can be used as a digital pressure / vacuum gauge for accurate visual display of the current value. 
G3 Fieldbus Electronics
G3 Electronics
Electronics Made Easy! Innovative Graphic Display is used for easy commissioning, visual status & diagnostics. 

Protocols: DeviceNet, DeviceNet w/Quick Connect, Ethernet, PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, PROFINET, DeviceNet w/DeviceLogix
Vacuum Products
  Vacuum Products 
Numatics now offers a complete line of vacuum products including vacuum generators, suction cups, switches, and accessories.
Power Clamps
  Power Clamps 
Numatics offers an extensive line of power clamps, power grippers, pin clamps, and power pivots.
NB Series
  NB Series Cylinder 
The NB Series is a compact interchangeable air cylinder that is loaded with features and benefits.
E02/E22/E32 Series
  E02/E22/E32 Series Regulator 
The E02/E22/E32 Series electronic proportional regulators quickly and accurately adjusts output pressure in relation to an electrical control signal.
GeoSlide Series

GeoSlide Series Guide Unit 
The GeoSlide guide units utilizes Numatics GeoMetric ISO 6431 VDMA cylinders. The FHG & FHK series offers high load carrying capabilities in a metric package.



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