Established in 1901 by André Citroën, CMD is today the leading firm in the mechanical power transmission market


For a century now CMD’s vocation has been to design and produce the best adapted connection between a motor and a machine in terms of cost and reliability. Its development is based on an international organisation comprising subsidiaries and offices located abroad plus a large worldwide network of distributors and agents. This international presence contributes to the growth of the firm whose vocation is to design, manufacture, commission and provide maintenance aid for mechanical/power transmissions in all industries.
On its three French sites CMD produces its parallel train, wheel and worm and ring gears in its own foundry and its gear and spring couplings which are always tailored to the needs of its customers. CMD has thus become a player of worldwide repute in the field of mechanical couplings.

Onların dayanıklılık kaliteli ürünleri tasarlamak ve sağlamak amacıyla , CMD performansı çok yüksek bir seviyede gelir kullanarak ve bilgisayarlı hesaplama gelişen teknik birimleri üzerinde (I-DEAS bitmiş eleman hesaplamaları, burulma analizleri, ...) dayanır. Yeni bir test donanımı gerçek çalışma koşulları altında ürünlerimizin etkinliğini ölçmek için bize sağlar.


Grid couplings
flexible grid coupling
Rating torque from 90 to 800 000 Nm
Long service life lubrication
Easy setting up
Maintenance free
Gear couplings
torsionally rigid coupling
Torque rating from 1200 to 165000 Nm
Exceptional torque capacity for the size of the coupling
Suitable for operating in difficult working conditions


A knowledge to make dedicated to the realization of your technical ambitions
CMD studies and manufactures in the same way special couplings, provides all the complementary accessories (lengthening-pieces, brakes...) answering exactly your schedule of conditions. The control of our trade, combined with the knowledge of your medium, enables us to propose to you optimized solutions, adapted products, to improve
your productivity.
Analysis of your need
The sales engineers and the technicians all of CMD, tested, are with your listening to work out and carry out, with you, your most rigorous schedules of conditions.
The recommendation
On the basis of these specification, CMD is based on a whole of international standards of calculations, to define the adapted dimensioning of the equipment considered.



Flexacier 9000
Flexible grid coupling with a rated torque of between 90 and 800,000 Nm


V-section spring coupling
Dished gear coupling, rigid in torsion
Coupling complying with AGMA 5616-01 standard
Coupling complying with FRENCH steel industry standard
Torque limiting coupling
Barrel Drum coupling

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