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Rotary Switches
Cole Instrument produces an exacting line of precision rotary switches, engineered and manufactured to meet the most stringent mechanical, electrical, and environmental conditions. Our single and multi-deck switches are available in a variety of sizes, with the angle of throw and options you need for your unique application.


Keylock Switches
Cole combines the versatility of a multi-function switch with the security of a keylock. Available with a half or one inch precision rotary switch, the single or multideck keylock can be fitted with a high security Medeco cylinder. There is a Cole keylock switch to meet the needs of your most demanding applications.


Illuminated Switches
Cole's precision multi-deck switches are available with illumination through the end of the shaft front. With maximum and optimum visibility in sunlight with minimum power levels and zero light leakage at night, the quality and functionality of these switches will meet the needs of your most challenging applications.


Cole offers both optical and rotary encoders, engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed the strictest standards. The optical encoders are available in standard or high resolution with quadrature 2-bit code and an optional pushbutton. Based on the half-inch enclosed rotary switch, the rotary encoder is available with hexidecimal, BCD, octal, reflected or any custom code specified by the customer.

Solid State Relays
Designed for the highest levels of reliability, the Cole R-series Solid State Relay has no moving parts, making it immune to all contact related problems such as contamination, arcing erosion, and bouncing associated with electromechanical relays.


Custom Switches
Cole is an industry leader in providing custom switch solutions. Used in some of the most demanding applications in the world, Cole custom switches provide the highest levels of quality and functionality while meeting all of the customer's unique needs


  • in Military Specification Switches

    Cole Instrument Co. supplies four series of military-specified switches including half-inch enclosed rotary switches that meet or exceed applications MIL-S-3786. The .562" diameter, 30 degree indexing enclosed rotary switches produced by the company also meet or exceed applicable MIL-S-3786 and are tested per MIL-STD-202. One inch, multi-deck enclosed rotary switches are available with 30, 36, 45, 60, and 90 degree indexing; while the miniature multi-deck switches are available as solder lug, PC termination or illuminated types.

    • 1800 Series: MIL-DTL-3786/20
    • 1830 Series: MIL-DTL-3786/35
    • 3600 Series: MIL-DTL-3786/4
    • 3900 Series: MIL-DTL-3786/13,/41 and MIL-DTL-3786/39
  • in Multi-Deck Rotary Switches

    Cole Instrument Co. is a supplier of standard and miniature multi deck rotary switches. One inch standard switches are available with 30°, 36°, 45°, 60° & 90 indexing and one to six poles per deck with a 25,000 cycle switch life, silver plated contact surfaces and are designed for aircraft, military use and demanding commercial applications in industrial controls, electronic test equipment and medical instrumentation.

    • 3900 Series: Miniature multi-deck switches
    • 3600 Series: 1" multi-deck enclosed switches



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