Dacell  Load Cells

Dacell is providing ultra-precision load cells and various weighing and measuring products, which can be used in various fields of industries, based on 30 years of experiences in manufacturing of weighing and measuring products and with own superior technologies.

Compression & tension 

Compression & tension

Dacell  Load Cells Models
Dacell  Load Cells Model CB1, CB1A

Dacell  Load Cells Model CB122

Dacell  Load Cells Model CB2, CB4, CB5, CB6

Dacell  Load Cells Model CB2C

Dacell  Load Cells Model CB41

Dacell  Load Cells Model CBC

Dacell  Load Cells Model CBC25

Dacell  Load Cells Model CPS

Dacell  Load Cells Model CP, CPC

Dacell  Load Cells Model CP57

Dacell  Load Cells Model CPC3-T3

Dacell  Load Cells Model CPB32(42,52)

Dacell  Load Cells Model CT

Dacell  Load Cells Model CTM

Dacell  Load Cells Model CX,CX77

Dacell  Load Cells Model CCX

Dacell  Load Cells Model CL

Dacell  Load Cells Model CL63

Dacell  Load Cells Model UL12

Dacell  Load Cells Model CWH

Dacell  Load Cells Model CWW

Dacell  Load Cells Model CWW11

Dacell  Load Cells Model CMM

Dacell  Load Cells Model CMM2

Dacell  Load Cells Model CMM92,CMM97

Dacell  Load Cells Model CMM111

Dacell  Load Cells Model CMM104

Dacell  Load Cells Model CM

Dacell  Load Cells Model CM2

Dacell  Load Cells Model CM96

Dacell  Load Cells Model CMI-96

Dacell  Load Cells Model UL277

Dacell  Load Cells Model UL

Dacell  Load Cells Model UL272

Dacell  Load Cells Model TX

Dacell  Load Cells Model TX61

Dacell  Load Cells Model TS21

Dacell  Load Cells Model TX25

Dacell  Load Cells Model TB

Dacell  Load Cells Model UU

Dacell  Load Cells Model UU3

Dacell  Load Cells Model UU74

Dacell  Load Cells Model UM,UMA

Dacell  Load Cells Model UMF

Dacell  Load Cells Model UMM,UMMA

Dacell  Load Cells Model UMMC

Dacell  Load Cells Model CP106

Dacell  Load Cells Model UMI , 10kgf~2tf

Dacell  Load Cells Model UMI , 100gf~5kgf

Dacell  Load Cells Model US

Dacell  Load Cells Model US3

Dacell  Load Cells Model CMT

Dacell  Load Cells Model CS300

Dacell  Load Cells Model CS213

Dacell  Load Cells Model  Seat belt load cell CS245

Dacell  Load Cells Model CP66

Dacell  Load Cells Model UL18A-T1

Dacell  Load Cells Model PS131

Dacell  Load Cells Model PS151-T55

Dacell  Torque sensor

Dacell is producing 20 types of reaction torque transducers and rotary torque transducers. A torque sensor, is a transducer that converts a torsional mechanical input into an electrical output signal.

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors Models

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRB

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRC

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRD

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRA

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRD , 2~300kgf-cm

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRE

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRS

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRD8

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRD34-200K

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRC12-5K(CAS-5K)

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRC15-5K

Dacell Rotary Torque sensors TRE34-5K


Dacell   Non-rotary Torque sensors Models

Dacell   Non-rotary Torque sensor Model TCN

Dacell   Non-rotary Torque sensor Model TCN15

Dacell   Non-rotary Torque sensor Model TCN16

Dacell   Non-rotary Torque sensor Model TCN23

Dacell   Non-rotary Torque sensor Model TCN129


Dacell Torque sensor on demand Models

Dacell Torque sensor on demand Models TRB-30KC

Dacell Torque sensor on demand ModelsTRC-FL-K50

Dacell Torque sensor on demand Models TRD20-K2


Dacell  Multi-axis Load Cells

Dacell  manufactures linear displacement transducers designed to meet the requirements common to most single and multiple-point industrial gauging applications.


Multi-axis Load Cells Models

Dacell Multi-axis Load Cells Model MC15

Dacell Multi-axis Load Cells Models MC134(6 axis)

Dacell  Gear shifting lever load cell Models

Dacell  Gear shifting lever load cell Model CS142

Dacell  Gear shifting lever load cell Model  CS201


Dacell Pedal loadcell

Dacell Pedal loadcell Model   MC86-R, MC86-L

Dacell  Indicator

Dacell is providing ultra-precision load cells and various weighing and measuring products, which can be used in various fields of industries, based on 30 years of experiences in manufacturing of weighing and measuring products and with own superior technologies.


Dacell Digital indicator Models

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN-70 – Mini.

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN-480A-Mini.

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN10W, DN15W

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN50W

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN40W

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN20W

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN100, DN200

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN150,250

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN-130L

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN-130T

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN-230A

Dacell Digital indicator Model DN1000A

Dacell Digital indicator Model SM110, SM150


Dacell Digital weighing indicator Models

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN500N

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN510N

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN520N

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN530N

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN550N

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN501A

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN511A

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN5600

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN5200N

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN830

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN850

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN711A

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN711P


Dacell Digital weighing indicator   2-4CH indicator

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN-300

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN-340

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  MI4000


Dacell Digital weighing Pocket indicator

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  PDN10

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  PDN20

Dacell Digital weighing indicator Model  DN120


Dacell  Explosion proof indicator Models

Dacell  Explosion proof indicator Model  DN-EXP200N serises

Dacell  Explosion proof indicator Model DN-EXP520

Dacell  Explosion proof indicator Model DN-EXP830

Dacell  Explosion proof indicator Model DN-EXP900

Dacell  Explosion proof indicator Model DN-EXP-SB4P


Dacell  Graphic touch indicator Models

Dacell  Graphic touch indicator Model DN-GI200, GI100


Dacell  Overload limiter

Dacell  Overload limiter Model DN9000,DN9200


Dacell   Remote display

Dacell   Remote display Model DA-MR900 series


Dacell ​ Digital tachometer/rpm sensor maget types

Dacell  Digital tachometer/rpm sensor maget type DN30W

Dacell  Digital tachometer/rpm sensor maget type MP-981

Dacell  Digital tachometer/rpm sensor maget type  RS-025


Dacell   LVDT indicator

Dacell   LVDT indicator Model DN25W

Dacell   LVDT indicator Model DN-SP

Dacell   LVDT indicator Model DN-CP-S1~S4

Dacell   LVDT indicator Model DN-LP-S1~S16


Dacell  Mini Printer

Dacell  Mini Printer PT100

Dacell  Mini Printer  YJ350

Dacell  Mini Printer  YJ320T


Dacell   Amplifier Models

Dacell   Amplifier Models DN-AM100

Dacell   Amplifier Models DN-ACM100

Dacell   Amplifier Models DN-ACM200

Dacell   Amplifier Models DN-AM110

Dacell   Amplifier Models DSA-330T

Dacell   Amplifier Models DN-AM150

Dacell   Amplifier Models DN-AM210

Dacell   Amplifier Models DN-AM310

Dacell   Amplifier Models DN-AM1000

Dacell   Amplifier Models DN-AM130

Dacell   Amplifier Models DN-AM120

Dacell   Amplifier Models DN-AM10A

Dacell   Amplifier Models Digital Amplifier SA-6CH

Digital Amplifier SA-16CH

Dacell   Amplifier Models  DN-CN100


Dacell  Displacement Transducers

DACELL manufactures linear displacement transducers designed to meet the requirements common to most single and multiple-point industrial gauging applications.


Dacell  Displacement Transducers LVDT

Dacell  Displacement Transducers LVDT Model DP

Dacell  Displacement Transducers LVDT Model DN25W

Dacell  Displacement Transducers LVDT ModelML-CP-S1~S4

Dacell  Displacement Transducers LVDT ModelML-SP

Dacell  Displacement Transducers LVDT ModelML-LP-S1~S16

Dacell  Displacement Transducers LVDT Model AMP100


Dacell linear potentiometer

Dacell linear potentiometer Models LPS

Dacell linear potentiometer Model LPM

Dacell linear potentiometer Model DN20W


Dacell​  wire position sensor
Dacell​  wire position sensor Model CTP


Dacell  Force Gauge

• Digital Force Gauges can be used for multipurpose measurement.
• High resolution,simple measurement of tension/compression force, switch test, connector insertion/withdraw test, fracture test and push pull testing equipme

Dacell  Force Gauge Model DN-FGA
Dacell  Force Gauge Model  DSR


Dacell  Pressure sensor

Dacell’s pressure sensors are manufactured from the start to meet the most demanding test and measurement specifications in some of the world’s most rugged environments, from general industrial process needs up to highly specialized pressure sensors used in hazardous locations.


Dacell Digital Pressure Gauge
Dacell Digital Pressure Gauge PDR1000
Dacell Digital Pressure Gauge PDR500

Dacell   Pressure Transmitter for Precision Measurements
Dacell   Pressure Transmitter for Precision Measurements PHP
Dacell  Data logger
Data logger is 2~40 channels dynamic strain measurement equipment which connect with PC and display graph and record data.


Dacell  Data logger

Dacell  Data logger GTDL-152

Dacell  Data logger  GTDL-350

Dacell  Data logger  DL-360

Dacell  Data logger  DL-610

Dacell  Data logger  DL-600

Dacell  Data logger  DL-620

Dacell  Data logger  SA-16

Dacell  Data logger  DL-H20


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