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Improving your living environments by measuring the purity of the water you drink and the air you breathe. Improving quality with pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, plus boiler & effluent water analysis.


Dissolved oxygen
Sampling & Control
Calibration Standard

pH & ORP Analyzers:

State-of-the-Art microprocessor based and easy to use. Users say "It just seems to do what you expect". Automatically recognizes pH buffers for easy accurate calibration and identifies pH electrode status. Two unique 4-20mA outputs, independently programmable zero, span and direction,  for acid and caustic feed (or pH and Temperature). Similarly, two programmable alarms and diagnostics are included. Optional PID control functions, even TWO pH electrode inputs are available on the Model 656! Housed in a moisture and corrosion resistant case. Reliable loop powered 2-wire 4-20mA pH transmitters are also available in similar or explosion-proof housings.

Model650 pH Transmitter

Model653 Micro pH / ORP Transmitter

Model655 Intelligent pH Analyzer

Model656 Two-pH-Sensor Intelligent Analyzer

Model657 pH/ORP Two-Sensor Intelligent Analyzer

pH & ORP Sensors:

Large Industrial design with built-in ruggedness and long life needed by industry. Heavy duty body protects cushion mounted electrodes for impact resistance, with sealed encapsulated leads to keep moisture out. Protected pH glass tip, large reference junction surface to resist plugging and contamination-resistant reference construction ensures accuracy and long electrode life in tough applications such as effluent streams, pulp stock, mining slurries, high temperature or strong chemicals.

Model602 Light Industrial pH Sensor

Model605 SS Ball Valve Retractable Sensor

Model606 Ball Valve Retractable Industrial Sensor

Model607 Cartridge pH Electrode

Model614 True Union pH Sensor

Model615 Pure Water pH Sensor

Model617 High Pressure Retractable pH Sensor

Model642 Process combination pH Sensor


Conductivity Analyzer:

have all of the microprocessor benefits of the pH/ORP analyzers listed above. Along with the two 4-20mA programmable outputs, full alarm and diagnostic capabilities is an auto-ranging scale from 1 to 200 000 microSiemens/cm and simple Auto calibration that recognizes that recognizes your standards. Direct reading % NaOH, % HCL, % NaCl, TDS, Resistivity, and PID control options are available. The 2-wire versions are reliable, accessible loop powered transmitters.

Model450 Conductivity Transmitter

Model453 Micro Conductivity Transmitter

Model455 Intelligent Conductivity Analyzer

Model456 Two Conductivity Sensor Intelligent Analyzer

Conductivity Sensors:

to service a wide range of applications; from high purity water to high conductivity, to high temperature, to condensate, to chemical waste. There is an impressive range of sensor styles, cell constants and sensor construction materials for virtually all applications. Configurations are available in insertion, twist-lock or submersible.

Model401 Hot Condensate Sensor

Model402 High Purity Sensor

Model403 Ball Valve Sensor

Model404 General purpose Sensor

Model405 Easy-clean Sensor

Model406 High Conductivity Flow Sensor

Model414 True Union Conductivity Sensor

Model425 Quick Union Sensor

Dissolved Oxygen

ppm Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers:

 with one or two D.O. sensor inputs. Specifically designed for the demands of waste water treatment, the Model855 can cover a range of 0.1 to 20ppm. Auto calibration in air, dual alarms, 4-20mA outputs, optional PID control, plus electrode diagnostics and reliability and ease of use make the Model 855 the most versitile Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer on the market.

Model850 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter

Model853 Micro Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter

Model855 Intelligent ppb D.O. Analyzer

Model856 Two ppb D.O. sensor Intelligent Analyzer

Model869 Portable Disolved Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen Sensors:

are not only quick to respond, they are impervious to sulfides, resist biological growth accumulation on the membrane and self-clean by oscillating in aeration tank turbulence. Membrane replacement (when necessary) is simplified by a snap-in pre-tensioned membrane module. Sensor styles are available in oscillating/suspension, twist-lock or flow-through.

Model802 Oscillating Suspension aeration tank Electrode

Model814 True union D.O. Electrode

Model825 Quick union D.O. Electrode


Chlorine Analyzers:

gives you maximum flexibility, reliability and ease of use. Measurements such as Free Chlorine can be critical to your process and must be strictly monitored and maintained. Analyzer intelligence goes beyond measurement and control; it provides the user with all necessary historical data, including events such as calibration, upsets, diagnostics and more. This information can be communicated for trending or advanced control, even to remote locations. Ultimately the user has superior control with a competative advantage.

Model875 Free available Chlorine Analyzer

Model876 Total Free Chlorine Analyzer with pH

Chlorine Sensors:

As a major supplier of rugged, long life pH equipment to waste water industry, IC Controls was repeatedly asked to develop a waste Free Chlorine Monitoring system that would withstand tough waste water applications and easy to recharge and calibrate. IC Controls developed the Model832 Suspension mounted oscillating Free Chlorine electrode and Quick union Chlorine electrode.

Model832 Oscillating Suspension Chlorine Electrode

Model835 Quick union Chlorine Electrode

Calibration Standards

pH & Conductivity Calibration Kit:

These kits conveniently packages the requirement for buffer calibrations and conductivity calibrations, in amounts for easy use, along with the necessary utensils and accessories. These items are available in durable plastic. This way, you are assured reliable and accurate results.

Application Analysis

pH Application Analysis

Conductivity Application Analysis

D.O. Application Analysis


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