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Intelligent IoT Enabled Apps for Industry 4.0

iLens is our premier Industrial IoT solution, addressing Industry 4.0 demands with capabilities including Interface Connectivity, Edge Analytics and Predictive Analytics. We are currently powering automation, manufacturing, energy and utility companies across the globe.


What iLens Does?

► Unified WEB SCADA

♦ Protocol enabled connectivity to multiple Heterogeneous OEM systems – PLC, DCS, SCADA, HMIs.

♦ A Single Unified solution across OEMs to perform Live Monitoring of machine status, production lines and a consolidated view of Entire Plant.

♦ Secured Monitoring from any location – within any point in Plant premises or at Corporate HQ.

♦ Live enterprise Dashboards depicting Machine trends and Status.

♦ Proactive Alerts and Notifications of the machines monitored through WEB SCADA


►  Secured IT-OT Integration using Data Diodes & Edge Gateway

Industrial IoT Gateways (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GSM etc.,) & Device connectors – DCS, PLC, SCADA, HMI, Sensors.

Networking & Protocol connectors - OPC, Modbus, HTTP, MQTT etc.

OT – IT network secured through Data Diode.

Support for OPC DA/UA, Modbus (RTU/TCP/TELNET), Ethernet IP, OBD II, Siemens Snap 7, Direct 4-20mA, Profinet/Profibus, HART, CanBus, IEC 101/104, DNP3 etc.


► Secured Remote Monitoring

Seamless connectivity to any device (DCS, PLC, SCADA, Sensors) across multiple OEM enables single view of the entire plant in Web SCADA mode.

Physical assets modeled in Web SCADA on a cloud-based remote access to view real-time information from distributed assets, offer preventative maintenance alerts and services.

Designed to monitor a single machine in a plant, several pieces of equipment, a full production line, or applications, systems, across multiple plants.

Highly configurable self-service dashboards to visualize process parameters, KPIs and alerts.


► AI Enabled Analytical Apps

♦ Option to enable and license pre-built apps.

♦ Data-driven OEE Optimization.

♦ Electronic Logbook.

♦ Workplace Safety & Security.

♦ Energy Monitoring & Optimization.

♦ Vision Analytics – camera-based in-line quality inspection to find defects and errors.


►  Containerized Edge Analytics

♦ A unified Industry 4.0 Analytical platform across IT and OT networks.

♦ Optimized storage, compute and scalability with reduced TCO.

♦ Highly Available and Disaster Recovery services for DA&I assets. DevOps with automated testing to facilitate Continuous Integration.

♦ Advanced analytical features (Data Science/ML) and business logic to determine performance data with respect to machine status.

♦ Early warning notifications to be acted upon by personnel on the shop floor.

♦ The ML Models are executed on the Data processing Gateway using containers running on Kubernetes.


►  Digital Twins & Virtual Sensors

♦ View operations virtually, in real-time & cut down on actual maintenance overheads.

♦ Leverage virtual sensors that can gather data in real-time, run this information on the Cloud & gain deeper insights on operational efficiency.

♦ Design and test digitally before physical production.

♦ Simulate complex manufacturing processes.

♦ Predict different outcomes based on variable data.

♦ Reduce risk & operational costs.


►  Unified IoT Data Management & Analytics

♦ A unified Industry 4.0 Analytical platform to handle real-time streaming data, optimized storage, compute and scalability with reduced TCO.

♦ An Unlimited Historian to store large volumes of data for a longer duration to perform advanced analytics.

♦ Option to synchronize data across Plant and Corporate networks.

♦ Smart integration with plug-and-play protocol support for real-time data fetch.


►  Predictive Maintenance

♦ Real-time Machine Status and Anomaly Detection.

♦ Reduced equipment downtime with Predictive Maintenance.

♦ AI & Deep Learning for Optimized Industrial Processes.

♦ Effective Asset Health and Inventory Management.





iLens Smart Connect N Series




iLens Smart Connect N Series




iLens Smart Connect N Series




iLens Smart Connect N Series




iLens Smart Connect MX Series




iLens Smart Connect M Series




iLens Smart Connect M Series




iLens Edge Intelligence M Series




iLens Edge AI E Series




iLens IO Module




iLens IO Module




iLens IO Module




iLens IO Module




iLens IO Module




iLens IO Module




iLens Smart View



Indoor AQS

Indoor Air Quality Sensors


Knowledge Lens MLens

Big Data Compute Workload Migration, Cloud Data Management & Automated Disaster Recovery for Enterprise.

MLens is a one-stop solution for all your Big Data needs, from Automated Disaster Recovery to Compute Workload Migration, and everything in between.


Data & Workload Migration

Cloud Backup

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Masking

High Speed Ingestion

Mlens HBase Replicator

HDFS Performance Optimizer



Knowledge Lens GLens (Green Lens)

Unified Real Time Monitoring and Analytics Platform for Pollution Control 

GLens (Green Lens)

GLens is Real-Time Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Analytics suite of Products for Industrial Emissions, Effluent Discharges and Ambient Air Monitoring. GLens DAS Software, GLens Server Platform, GLens Environ Data Logger provides a comprehensive solution for all Industry Environmental needs.

GLens Client data acquisition software provides direct integration with any analyzer (make or model) using RS232/RS485/Modbus/Ascii Protocols etc. GLens Clients provide secured encrypted data communication with Central Server using open REST based API or MQTT based IoT protocols.

GLens Environment provides wireless data logger which eliminates the need for PC for client side data logging and can transmit data using LAN/Wifi/ GPRS etc. The wireless data logger provides capability to integrate with any of the standard industry analyzers using RS232/RS485 interface.

GLens Mobile Application provides up-to the minute information on the data in GLens platform for industry and regulator consumption. The mobile application needs secured login credentials for viewing the data.

GLens Central Server platform provides a common software for pollution board to collect data from various industries using Open API. Apart from this the software provides pre-build reports,alarms and alerts as per the regulatory standards prescribed by various regulatory authorities.The Ad-hoc reporting module provides capability to analyze the data up-to 2 second granularity over the collected parameters and provide forecasting using Holt-Winters forecast models


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