Ocean Optics

How Ocean Optics Customers Are Using Our Instrumentation

  • Monitoring dissolved oxygen in marine and freshwater ecosystems
  • Measuring the transmission and reflection of fish eyes
  • Measuring optical properties of marine organisms
  • Gathering spectral data on Mars
  • Considering membrane biophysics
  • Measuring Optical Filter Transmission at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO)
  • Analyzing the solar corona
  • Light measurement systems and tools for spectroradiometry
  • Star-gazing: Measuring the stellar output of the star Vega
  • Monitoring SO2 Emissions from Volcanoes
  • Testing Total Telescope Light Throughput

If you're using Ocean Optics technologies in your application, find out how you, too, could soon sport your very own Maxwell's Equations T-shirt or hat!

What OEMs and System Integrators Are Doing With Ocean Optics Instruments

  • Acquired Data Solutions -- Engineering and development services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, with special emphasis on blood analysis, fermentation, respiratory and microbial applications
  • Adamas Gemological -- Color and grading analysis of diamonds and gems
  • Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. -- Software developer of the ACD/SpecManager UV-IR Module spectral processing toolkit that accepts data collected in OOIBase32 spectrometer operating software, without the need for exporting it into ASCII, SPC or other file formats
  • Air Instruments and Measurements -- Air pollution monitoring and control instrumentation
  • Alitea USA -- Equipment for flow injection analysis
  • American Competitiveness Institute -- National electronics manufacturing technology consortium involved in the development of process control instrumentation, including systems for surface spectroscopy
  • Atomic Engineering Corp. (AEC) -- Software for lab and field detectors and spectrometers; technical consultant for clients involved in environmental, laser and other applications
  • CerOx Corporation -- Onsite treatment of generated waste in concentrated or dilute form
  • Color Diagnostics -- Analytical equipment for dyebath monitoring
  • Con-Trol-Cure -- UV curing systems and light sources, power supplies and related products; affiliate UV Process Supply is a full-line distributor of ultraviolet lamps, safety supplies, cleanroom supplies, maintenance supplies and graphic art supplies, as well as curing and environmental control systems
  • Fiber Optics Online -- A VertMarkets Marketplace for Industry Professionals
  • Hoffman Engineering -- Test and calibration equipment, light sources, spheres, detectors, positioners and filters
  • Instech Laboratories, Inc. -- Biological dissolved oxygen monitoring systems, including a new system that incorporates Ocean Optics FOXY Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors
  • MicroSolv Technology Corporation -- Products for HPCE, CE, MEKC and Micro HPLC
  • NanoDrop Technologies, Inc. -- UV-VIS spectrophotometry featuring novel sample-retention system for small-volume (1 ul) applications
  • Peak Sensor Systems -- Solutions for users and OEMs of semiconductor plasma processing tools, from endpoint and fault detection to process control and state-of-health measurements
  • Reflectronics -- Fiber optic backscattering sensors for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical process industries; original research developed at the University of Kentucky to measure milk coagulation incorporated Ocean Optics spectrometers
  • Rikei -- Instrumentation supplier serving Japanese markets
  • Scientific Computing International -- Thin-film metrology systems and material characterization tools
  • Sof-Tek Integrators --  Op-Test brand production and engineering test systems for measuring optical and electrical properties of LED and VCSEL devices during high-volume production tests in wafer or die form
  • SpectraPath Technologies' Elastic Light Scattering Spectroscopy (ELSS) system provides unique advantages over other cancer detection methods under development such as Diffuse Reflective Spectroscopy (DRS) and Fluorescence Spectroscopy (FS)
  • Sunrise Instruments -- Supplier of light-measurement technology
  • Vari-Lite -- Manufacturer of automated lighting systems for entertainment industries, and distributor of Ocean Optics "gobos" dichroic filters used to project high-resolution lighting effects for theatrical presentations and concerts
  • WEI -- Systems integrators for industrial automation and process control

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