DHS-100 Heat Spy® Series

 All DHS-100 models feature:

  • Rugged, lightweight  construction allowing quick pointing and easy carrying
  • Temperature measurement range  of 0° to 850° F (-18° to 450° C)
  • ± 3°F/± 2°C (or ± 2% of  reading) accuracy
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD  digits with switch on back light for low light conditions
  • Low-drain battery operation  with low-battery indicator
  • Display hold of last reading  for 6 seconds
  • °F or °C range selectable
  • New two year warranty and  upgrade policy
  • CE compliance

DHS-100 Specification







Temperature Range

-32°  C ~ 425° C
-25 ° F ~ 750° F

-32°  C ~ 450° C
-25 ° F ~ 750° F


MAX Only


Laser Aiming





Target Ratio



-20°  C ~ 50° C




Resolution, ° F or ° C


Repeatability: Greater of

±  1.0% of Reading or 2° F(1° C)

Accuracy @ 25° C ,e  =0.95: Greater of

±  1.0% of Reading or 2° F(1° C)








Dimensions  5.5"W × 2.0"H ×8.5"D




HANDHELD INFRARED DHS-200 Heat Spy® Series, New!
New generation 50:1 nominal field of view and advanced laser-sighting system for "pinpoint" accuracy.
¤ 50:1 Nominal field of view creates "pinpoint" accuracy with smaller, more precise target  areas at longer distances
¤ New, wider temperature range of -18 to 999° C, switchable to 0 to 999° F
¤ Accuracy: ± 1 % of reading or ± 1° C (2°F) at 25°± 5°C, whichever is greater
¤ Large, easy to read, three digit display
¤ Advanced coaxial laser aiming system for improved accuracy
¤ Operates at ambient temperatures from 0° to 55°C (32° to 130°F)
¤ Holds last temperature reading for 6 seconds
¤ Switch-on display backlight for low-light conditions
¤ Warnings for high and low ambient temperature and out of range readings
¤ Two year warranty

Additional Features for DHS-200XEL

¤ Warns of low battery and displays battery status in percent of life or voltage
¤ Emissivity adjustable from 0.1 to 1.00 in 0.01 increments
¤ °F/°C software selectable display
¤ Audible high and low alarm set points
¤ Average, minimum, maximum, and change in temperature display options software selectable
¤ Stores last measured temperature for easy recall

NEW DHS-200 Specification





Temperature Range

-32° C to 999° C
-25° F to 999° F

Spectral Range, Microns

8 ~ 14 nominal

Accuracy @ 25° C ,e =0.95:Greater of

± 1.0% of Reading or 2° F(1° C)

Repeatability: Greater of

± 0.5% of Reading or 2° F(1° C)

Emmissivity, adjustable


0.10~1.00(0.01 resolution)


-20° C ~ 50° C

Resolution, ° F or ° C


Aiming System

Coaxial Circle Laser

Target ratio


Response time

500 ms

Display selection
Hi, Low audible alarm
MAX, MIN, AVE, Delta-T

MAX Only


Display feature

Multiple-line, 1 large for current temp, marks of MAX,MIN and AVE, e, ° C /° F, battery, etc.


9 Volts

Wrist strap


Carrying case



HANDHELD INFRARED DHS-24, DHS-26, DHS-28  Heat Spy® Series

Digital Infrared Thermometers with NIST traceable accuracy are the most advanced, easy to use and durable I.R. Thermometers in the world. Their precision ground mirrors are protected by rare-earth germanium filters and tightly focus I.R. energy on the patented detector for accuracy as good as ±0.3% full scale with 1°F/°C resolution.

Temperature readings are updated a quick-fire 3 times per second on a unique red liquid crystal display – more readable than black. The entire body is cast of extruded aluminum which provides shielding against stray EMF from machinery and engines.

Factory Mutual Approved models for potentially explosive environments are also available. Use Heat Spy with confidence. Thousands have been in trouble-free service for 10 years or longer. Three-year warranty, factory recalibration and service.

    • Adjustable Emissivity
    • Maxitemp® Peak Temperature  Hold
    • Self-Test
    • Auto-Calibration
    • Output to Recorder
    • AC Adapter
    • Input Jack for Battery Pack
    • °F/°C Switchable
    • NIST Traceable Accuracy
    • Extruded Aluminum Housing
    • Sighting and Display Options

DHS-24, 26, 28 Sighting Options

  1. Enclosed Optical Sight . For most applications, the standard  enclosed optical sight provides target definition ad 4 ft. and 20 ft. with parallax  correction.
  2. Switchable Laser Aiming Sight. Highly visible narrow red light  beam pinpoints objects up to 100 feet away. Good choice for locating hot spots and for  centering on targets.
  3. Telescopic Sight. For long distances (20 to 100 ft.) or precise  aiming on small objects such as bolts, thick cable, tubing, forging and castings, The Heat  Spy "T" version telescopic sight provides sighting on the centerline of the  infrared optics.

DHS-24, 26 and 28 Display Modes:

  1. Display options for LCD and LED. LCD is best for most uses. Select LED for low  light conditions.
  2. Measured Temperature is updated 3 times per second on large LCD.
  3. PEAK holds highest temperature and is especially useful in high temperature  scans.
  4. TEST mode flashes room temperature to show Heat Spy is working properly.
  5. BATT displays low battery. HLP flashes when instrument is out of specification.
  6. ---- means measurement is over or under the range of the instrument.

DHS-20 Series Specification


Heat Spy







Best accuracy and stability(± 3°F/± 1.5°C). Will measure all normal  materials, including glass surfaces. Not affected by sunlight reflections, IR heaters, Co2  and water vapor. Will not measure through glass.

Wider temperature range than DHS-24 will measure all normal materials, including  glass surfaces. Optional telescopic sight "T" for better target definition.

For the higher working temperature of metal ingots and glass gobs. Measures glass  surface temperature s. See page 13 for description.

Best general purpose instrument for high temperature, measures through glass  ports and through furnace gases and flames. Small target size of 1 in. at 10 ft. and 2 in.  at 20 ft. Use optical telescopic centerline sight up to 100 ft.

Best spectral range to measure furnace tube temperature. Wide temperature range.  Measures through open ports, through furnace gases. Measures slightly below the surface of  glass. Does not measure through glass ports. Small target size.

Temperature Range

0 to 1000°F.
-20 to + 550°C

0 to 2000°F.
-20 to + 1000°C

32 to 2500°F.
0 to 1380°C

900 to 3200°F.
482 to 1760°C

800 to 3200°F.
426 to 1760°C

Spectral Range (m)




Accuracy at 77°F ±5°

± 0.3% FS

± 0.5% FS



Ambient Operating Temperature

25 to 125°F, -4  to 52°C

Temp. Coefficient

± 0.1 deg/deg


± 1°F

± 2°F

± 3°F

Response Time to 95% of Reading

1 sec.

Target Size at Focal Point

1 in. dia. @ 2  ft.

1 in. dia. @ 10  ft.

Distance to Target Size Beyond Focal Point



Practical Working Distance

0 to 40ft.

0 to 150 ft.

Sighting System

Enclosed Sight

Enclosed, Laser.
or Telescope

Enclosed, Laser.
Or Telescope

Enclosed Sight.
Or Telescope

Telescope Only

Adjustable Emissivity Range

0.2 - 1.0

Output to Recorder


Continuous Operating

40 hrs., Laser 5  hrs

Weight Lbs.


2.2, (T) 2.8

2.2, (T) 2.8

2.5, (T) 3.0



Factory Mutual (FM) Approved models do not include the following Heat Spy features or options: F/C switch (order dedicated Fahrenheit or Celsius model); 1mV/degree output; rechargeable battery (use alkaline only); laser sighting.

All models include carrying case, spare battery, owners manual, trigger lock, AC adapter (specify 110 or 220VAC)



    • Small targets from 0.35"  @ 20"
    • Measures wide temperature  range: – 50 to 1800°F (-50 to 1000°C)
    • Switchable °F or °C
    • Response time: 0.5 second
    • Reflex sight pinpoints target  and displays temperature
    • Reticule ring defines target  area measured
    • Large, external LCD display
    • Auto focus for comfortable,  one-hand operation
    • Compact, lightweight 1.8 lbs.
    • Focusing matches viewed and  IR measured area, 19.5" to infinity
    • Adjustable emissivity: .10 to  1.00
    • Measures, normal, peak,  valley, average
    • Memory recalls mean, minimum,  maximum
    • Analog output of 1mW/degree
    • RS-232C output
    • High, low audible alarm
    • Automatic standby mode to  conserve battery life
    • Optional camera kit for  photos of target and temperature
    • UL-listed

The new DHS-34 Heat Spy Portable infrared thermometer from Wahl focuses automatically for easier and more accurate spot temperature measurements.

You simply "point and press" the hand-held DHS-34A. No special skills or training are required. Readings are produced immediately to pinpoint potential trouble spots. With an optional View Finder Camera Kit you can take photographs through the lens for permanent records.

The DHS-34A presents a clearly defined target area and displays temperature in the view finder. An external LCD displays temperatures, mode, alarm, battery condition, and surface emissivity setting.

A standard model, DHS-34S, offers the same, compact, rugged construction and advanced performance without the auto focus feature. Data processing and printing capabilities can be added for both models with optional accessories.

DHS-34A Specifications:

  • Accuracy at 23 ± 5°C:           ± 2°C/4°F(0 to 200°C)
  • All values are ± 1-digit:          ± 3°C/6°F (below 0°C), ± 1% rdg (above 200°C)
  • Spectral range:                      8 to 13 microns
  • Target size 9mm at 500mm:   (0.35" at 19.5")
  • Emissivity:                            adjustable 0.10 to 1.0 (0.01 gradations)
  • Ambient temperature:            0 to 50°C/32 to 122°F
  • Battery power:                       life 4xAA alkaline batteries, 50/hrs
  • AC adapter Optional:             specify 110 or 220 VAC
  • Weight, lbs.:                        1.8 lbs ( including batteries)



  • Coke ovens
  • Metal processing
  • Glass and glass fibers
  • Borosilicates
  • Refractories
  • Ceramic kilns
  • Replace older disappearing  filament pyrometers

DHS-53 New Rugged Design Withstands Hostile Environments

  • Protective rubber surfaces, lens hood and eyepiece
  • Built-in eye protection filter for high temperatures
  • Internal display shows temperature
  • External display shows temperature, emissivity, out of range, battery status
  • Handle detaches for mounting in continuous monitor mode
  • RS232C digital output or analog output
  • 95 hours battery life

The new DHS-53 measures high temperature surfaces with small target diameters from .18 inch (.04 inch optional). Adjustable focus, through-the-lens viewing allow you to sight the target while reading temperatures. Accuracy is an excellent .± 0.5% of reading.

The narrow spectral range of 0.8 to 1.1 microns allows measurements through glass ports and ensures freedom from errors due to emissivity and atmospheric absorption.

Select continuous reading, peak or valley temperature measuring modes. Calculate maximum, mean or minimum values.

A standard RS232C digital output sends data to your process PC or to the accessory RHS-28 Portable Data Processor/Printer. For analog output, select model DHS-53A.



Heat Spy Telematic Scans Distant Target for Hot Spots & Easy to Use

Aim at any distant surface. The Telematic automatically reads zero. Squeeze the trigger and hold the first recording in memory. Sight the target area through the telescope and scan for hot spots. Then depress the Maxi-Temp switch to automatically lock in peak temperature observed. The meter indicates the exact temperature above or below the selected reference ambient source or selected target. The Telematic is available with a variety of scales: single range, dual range, °C and/or °F.

  • Dial-face meter makes scanning for hot spots easy. The needle swing shows differential temperatures instantly.
  • Maxi-Temp switch holds needle for precise temperature reading.
  • Preferred by maintenance engineers for checking distant targets such as transmission lines, transformers and insulators. Special shielding from EMI interference.
  • Ideal for preventive maintenance in refinery, steel and chemical processing. Search out hot spots on stacks, kilns, and reactors at convenient distance.
  • Measures from 300 feet away. Only 1.8-inch target from 40 feet. High precision cross-hair telescopic sight.
  • Gun stock mounted and balanced for comfort. Tripod fitting included.
  • Emissivity control, Maxi-Temp™ peak hold, millivolt output to recorder and rugged carrying case are standard.
  • 100 hours continuous operation on two 9-volt batteries.

Part Number Scale Selection

  1. HSA-201 -10 to 100°C, -18 to 180°F
  2. HSA-201-2 -20 to 200°C, -36 to 360°C
  3. HSA-201-3 -10 to 100°F, -20 to 200°C
  4. HSA-201-4 -18 to 180°F, -36 to 360°

HSA-201 Specifications:

  • Temperature, Low Range -10 to 100°C, -18 to 180°F
  • High Range -20 to 200°C, -36 to 360°F
  • Dual Range, °F -14 to 212°F, -4 to 392°C
  • Meter accuracy ± 1%FS
  • Resolution 1°C(2.5°F) low range
  • 2.5°C(5°F) high range
  • Spectral Range 8 to 14 microns
  • Zero Calibration Automatic self-calibration
  • Ambient Temperature 0 to 50°, (32 to 120°F)

Heat-Prober® Platinum-RTD Thermometer System

  • Exceptional  Accuracy and Long-term Stability in a Versatile System of Meters and Interchangeable  Probes
  • Meter accuracy ±0.1°F ±1digit
  • Complete tracing of the platinum standard DIN 43760 to 0.1F conformity over the entire  temperature range
  • Readings updated 2.5 times per seconds
  • Maxi-Temp®  holds peak temperature reading
  • Tough, drop tested assembly with snap-in connector

Wahl invented the portable  Platinum-RTD thermometer (Pat.No.4,059,309) to provide exceptional accuracy and conformity  in laboratory and industrial applications.

Thousands of Heat-Probers are used  by the petrochemical, food, photographic, aerospace, electronics and nuclear power  industries, as well as by the U.S.military. They make critical temperature measurements and  calibrate installed sensors and other instruments.

The performance of Wahl meters is  warranted for three years against defects in parts and workmanship.

Fast response platinum probes are  interchangeable without recalibration.


700M Thermistor Thermometer

  • Resolution  of 0.01°C/°F, with matching sensitivity
  • Meter  Accuracy of 0.02°C
  • System  Accuracy of 0.04°C
  • Measurements  from -1.00 to 60.99°C (30.00 to 141.80°F)
  • Large  0.33" LED display is easy to read
  • Low  drift of 0.02°C per year for long-term accuracy
  • Rechargeable  battery with 8 hours continuous use
  • FM  approval for use in hazardous environment

The accuracy and resolution of  Wahl's 700M Portable Thermistor Thermometer  make it an ideal instrument for  precision measurements in pipeline oil monitoring, chemical processing, biological testing  and research, and many other production, processing, and laboratory applications.

The handheld instrument provides a  resolution of 0.01°C/°F and an accuracy of ± 0.02°C within the temperature range of  -1.00 to +60.99°C (30 to 141.8°F). Accuracy is traceable to NIST, with an optional test  report for your quality assurance.

The system interchangeability and  accuracy of Wahl's 700M meter with both the LN0255 and LN0255A probes are shown in the  table at left. A system accuracy of ± 0.04°C is obtainable.

The microprocessor-based 700M is  barely a handful. It is only six inches in length and weighs 12 ounces. Measurements are  displayed on a bright red 0.33" LED, making it especially effective in indoor and  low-light conditions. A low drift range of 0.02 per year provides long-term accuracy.

The meter operates on an internal  battery pack with eight hours of continuous operation between charges.

The 700M is intrinsically safe and  Factory Mutual approved for hazardous environments. The meter design is similar to the  platinum meter Model 392M Heat Prober described .


  • 700MC         Meter °C
  • 700MF         Meter °F
  • NIST Test Report (Option)
  • Calibrate Meter w/Probe  (Option)

700M and LN0255 Probe

Calibrated separately; accuracy and  interchangeability:    ± 0.1°C

700M and LN0255A Probe 
Calibrated separately; accuracy and  interchangeability:    ± 0.05°C

700M and LN0255 Probe
Calibrated together; accuracy :      ± 0.04°C  interchangeability:    N/A





DIGI-STEM Systems and Stems

  • 1"  Display, Continuous
  • Battery  Operated, up to 18 Months
  • Easy  Install
  • NEMA-4X  Stainless Housing
  • Hose-Down  Proof, Vibration Tolerant
  • RTD  or Thermocouple Output (Optional)
  • 4-20  mA Transmitter with Local Display, Loop Power
  • Selectable  Stems, Integral or Remote 

Wahl's DIGI-STEM Thermometer and  Transmitter Systems provide digital accuracy and reliability for temperature measurements  in rugged industrial environments.

Temperature readings are  continuously displayed on a large 1"LCD,easily readable from over 20 feet. Meter  accuracies are from ± 0.3°F (± 0.2°C). Factory calibration is lot traceable to NIST.

Wahl offers a variety of rigid stems  and remote interface connections to accommodate most installations.

For system control and recording  interface,optional stems are offered with dual sensor elements that provide direct access  to thermocouple or RTD outputs. Or specify DIGI-STEM Transmitter Models DSX300 and DSX310. .



Battery-Powered Display

Display Transmitter








0 to 199.9°F
-20 to 130.0°C
DSA20: 0 to 199.9°C
DSA21: -20 to 150°C

0 to 300°F
DSA30: 0 to 600°F

2000 to 800°F
100 to 425°C
DSA31: 0 to 800°F
0 to 425°C

0 to 300°F
-18 to 150°C

200 to 800°F
100 to 425°C

Display Resolution

0.1 °F/°C

0.1°: 0 -150°F
1°: above 150°F

0.1 °F/°C

0.1°: 0 -150°F
1°: above 150 - 300°F

0.1 °F/°C

Meter Accuracy


±1.1°: 0 -150°F
±2°: above 150°F

±2°: 200 -600°F
±4°: elsewhere

±1.1°: 0 -150°F
±2°: 150 - 300°F

±2°: 200 -600°F
±4°: 600 - 800

Digital Display

Large 1", high-contrast LCD,  update rate 1/sec.

Loop Update



Point Calibration



Ambient Temperature

20 to 130°F (-7 to 54°C)

20 to 158°F (-7 to 70°C)

Ambient Coefficient

0.02 deg/deg from 75°F

0.04 deg/deg from 75°F


Meter Case, fittings, stems: 300  stainless. Window and molding: Polycarbonate. Gasket: silicone

Battery Power

2 "C" cell alkaline

1 lithium "C" cell

2 "C" cell alkaline


Battery Life

18 months

2 years

18 months


Loop Power


12/42 VDC min/max

Loop Output


4 - 20 ma; fixed zero and span

FM Rating

Options DSAFM: Intrinsically  Safe, Class I, II, and III, Div. 1,2 Groups ABCDEFG


Rating NEMA. Dimensions  5.3"W × 4.3"H × 2.7"D


2 lbs.


Remote Sensor Systems

DIGI-STEM® is offered in a variety  of configurations to measure process temperatures remotely located from the meter.  Optional remote sensor cables are available with different stem configurations. Stems can  be specified for a variety of process connections or interfaces, including different  thermowell adapters,penetration probes and immersion probes.

DST200 with optional DSA392HP Dual  RTD Sensor in stem and connection on case. Shown with Platinum-RTD 392HP Meter used for  calibration. 

RTD or Thermocouple Output

Direct Connection: Wahl provides  optional DIGI-STEM with dual element temperature sensors in the stem for direct connection  to recorders and controllers. The primary sensor drives the local display while the  dedicated secondary sensor (RTD or thermocouple) provides access to a 3-or 4-wire RTD  circuit or a thermocouple system interface. The connecting port is 1/2"NPT.

In Situ Calibration: Specify option  DSA392 for in situ calibration of DIGI-STEM Model DST200 without removal from a  process. This instrument has an RTD as the secondary sensor, which allows single-point  calibration using Wahl's highly accurate platinum-RTD Heat Prober 392 Meter. This provides  the accuracy of a laboratory calibration and saves time and money,as well. 

Stainless Steel Stems

  1. Cut-to-Length:  Compression seal; for direct immersion in fluids and for thermowell applications.
  2. Sanitary: Authorized 3-A Sanitary  Standard 09-09 for 1.5" to 3.0" diameter tube sizes with tri-clamp fitting for  milk,food and pharmaceutical processing.
  3. Spring loaded: Maintains a positive force against the bottom of thermowells;not for  direct immersion in fluids; assembly is not sealed.
  4. Brazed: For use in  thermowells.
  5. Welded: Sealed for  immersion in fluids;for use in thermowells, sanitary, and high-pressure applications. 

Transmitter Systems

Wahl offers loop-powered transmitter  versions of DIGI-STEM with continuous, digital, local display. The transmitter is an integral    meter and electronics assembly in NEMA-4X housing with a 4-20mA, 2-wire current  loop. Model DSX300 has a temperature range of 0 to 300°F (-18 to 150°C), while Model  DSX310's range is 200 to 800°F (100 to 425°C). The transmitters incorporate all  DIGI-STEM family features, including stainless steel construction, large digital  display, reliability, and rugged construction.



For Industrial Maintenance and Test Applications

Type K Thermocouple, Handheld Meter with Interchangeable Probes

    • Moving Air and Gasses
    • Hot Plate and Surface Areas
    • Liquids and Slurries  Immersion
    • Semisolid Melts
    • Pipe Surfaces
    • Process Spot Testing
    • Laboratory and Photo  Processing
    • Refrigeration Units
    • Exhausts, Duct Works and  Vents
    • Molds and Platens
    • Bearing Loads
    • Combustion Tubes
    • Electronic and Electrical  Overheat
    • Insulation Checks
    • Curing and Drying Oven  Settings
    • Food Processing, Preparation,  Storage and Transportation
    • Small Component Testing
  • TM-400 Product Features
    • Handy, ergonomically designed meter with large-reading LCD.
    • Switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius scale readings.
    • Range of -58° to 1999° Fahrenheit (-50° to 1300° Celsius).
    • Display resolution switch for choice of 1.0° or 0.1°, F or C.
    • Accepts Type K probes with standard ANSI mini-connectors.
    • "Data Hold" button captures and holds the current reading.
    • "Max Hold" button captures and holds the maximum reading.
    • Display annunciation indicates "Hold", "Max", "°F",  "°C" temperature readings in addition to a low battery warning.
    • Powered by four 1.5V, AAA size batteries for 200 hours operation under typical usage  conditions.
    • Supplied completely operational with nylon carrying case with belt loop, one test probe  and four batteries.
    • CE Compliant.

TM-400 Digital Heat-Prober® Handheld Digital Type K Thermocouple Meter Specifications:

    • Temperature Scale: User switchable from Fahrenheit to Celsius
    • Measurement Range: -58°F to 1999°F and -50°C to 1300°C
    • Display Resolution: User switchable, 1.0° or 0.1°, Fahrenheit or Celsius
    • Accuracy: At ambient temperatures of 68°F to 82°F (18°C to 28°C):
    •           +/- 0.3% of reading + 2°F from -58°F to 1832°F
    •           +/- 0.5% of reading + 2°F from 1832°F to 1999°F
    •           +/- 0.3% of reading + 1°C from -50°C to 1000°C
    •           +/- 0.5% of reading + 1°C from 1000°C to 1300°C
    • Temperature Coefficient: 0.1 times the applicable accuracy specification per °F from  32°F to 65°F,  82°F to  122°F
    • Input Connector: Standard ANSI mini-connector
    • Input Protection: 24V DC or 24V AC rms maximum input voltage on any combination of input  pins
    • Display Update Rate: 2.5 times per second
    • Ambient Op. Range: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) at <80% R.H.
    • Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) at <70% R.H.
    • Display: 3 1/2 digit Liquid Crystal Display, max reading of 1999
    • Battery: Four 1.5V (AAA, UM-4, RO3) batteries
    • Battery Life: Estimated 200 hours for carbon zinc batteries under normal usage conditions.  Display annunciation at lower left of the LCD indicates "low batteries"
    • Dimensions: 6 5/8" high, 1 5/8" wide, and 1 3/4" deep, (166 mm X 41mm X 44  mm)
    • Weight: 6 oz (170 g), with batteries

Type K Thermocouple Probes and Accessories:

Model No. Description

  1. TP-100 Needle-tip Penetration Probe, 4" Shaft, Direct Connect to Meter
  2. TP-101 Fine-tip Penetration Probe, 4" Shaft, Direct Connect to Meter
  3. TP-102 Sharp-tip Penetration Probe, 6" Shaft, Direct Connect to Meter
  4. TP-200 General-purpose Immersion Probe, 8" Shaft, Direct Connect to Meter
  5. TP-300 Alligator Clip-on Oven or Air Probe, 4' Length High-Temperature  Insulated Connector Cable
  6. TC-801 Heavy-duty Immersion Probe, 8" Shaft with 5" Delrin® Handle and  5' Coiled Extension Cable
  7. TC-805 Air/Gas Probe, Shielded Bare Sensor for Ultra-fast Response, 5"  Delrin® Handle and 5' Meter/Probe Connector Cable
  8. TC-813 Bolt-on Surface/Oven Probe, 5/8" Diameter Stainless Steel Washer with  4' Length Overbraid High-Temperature Cable
  9. TC-869 Spring Articulated Surface Probe, 45° Tip Angle, 8" shaft with  rugged 5" Delrin® Handle, Connected to Meter by 5' Cable
  10. TCL-329 Handy Meter-to-Probe Extension Handle with 5' Coiled Cable. Allows  Direct-Connect Probe's Use as a Handle Type Probe
  11. TA-70AF 5-Position Thermocouple Meter Calibrator. Allows Quick and Accurate Field  Calibration (for Fahrenheit Scale Only)
  12. TA-70AC 5-Position Thermocouple Calibrator (for Celsius Scale Only)

Type K Thermocouple TM-500 Digital Heat-Prober®

For Advanced Industrial Maintenance and Test Applications, Handheld Meter with Interchangeable Probes

  1. Advanced temperature measurement capability for today's complex industrial  requirements.
  2. With surface probes for monitoring molds, dies, platens, bearing surfaces, hot  plates and electrical components.
  3. With immersion probes for subsurface readings of liquids and semi-liquids,  including calibration baths and laboratory testing applications.
  4. With penetration probes for internal temperatures of foods, plastic melts,  rubber, etc.
  5. With air probes for quick check of gas streams, storage rooms, exhaust pipes or  HVAC ducts.
  6. Many other probes for your specific needs.

TM-500 Product Features

  • Battery-powered, microprocessor controlled thermocouple meter for use with interchangeable  sensing probes.
  • Large LCD provides independent and concurrent temperature readings from two probes.
  • Dual probe input accepts one or two Type J or Type K Thermocouple probe(s) with standard  ANSI mini-connectors.
  • Selectable temperature scale, Fahrenheit or Celsius readings.
  • Type J Range of -328°F to 1,922°F (-200°C to 1050°C).
  • Type K Range of -328°F to 2,498°F (-200°C to 1370°C).
  • Main LCD displays the temperature reading from either selected probe or the temperature  difference between the two.
  • Third LCD displays time or timing duration (hours, minutes, seconds) of max / min or  average temperature events.
  • "Recording" mode allows data storage for max, min, and average temperatures  reached over a timed period.
  • "Set" mode allows entry of reference and alarm points.
  • Completely portable, powered by one 9V battery.
  • Supplied with water and shock resistant rubber boot, built-in easel stand, 9V battery, and  two Type K test probes.
  • CE Compliant.


    • Temperature Scale: User switchable from Fahrenheit to Celsius
    • Measurement Range: Type J:-328°F to 1922°F and -200°C to 1050°C
    • Type K: -328°F to 2498°F and -200°C to 1370°C
    • Display Resolution: 0.1°, Fahrenheit or Celsius
    • Accuracy: At ambient temperatures of 64°F to 82°F (18°C to 20°C):
    •          +/- 0.05% of reading + 0.6°F from -58°F to 2498°F
    •           +/- 0.05% of reading + 1.4°F from -58°F to -328°F, OR
    •           +/- 0.05% of reading + 0.3°C from -50°C to 1370°C
    •           +/- 0.05% of reading + 0.7°C from -50°C to -200°C
    • Temperature Coefficient: 0.1 times the applicable accuracy specification per °C from 0°C  to 18°C and 28°C to 50°C (32°F to 64°F and 82°F to 122°F)
    • Input Connector: Standard ANSI mini-connector, Type J or Type K probes
    • Input Protection: 24V DC or 24V AC rms maximum input voltage on any combination of input  pins
    • Voltage Differential: 1 Volt maximum between T1 and T2
    • Display Update Rate: 1 time per second
    • Ambient Op. Range: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) at <80% R.H.
    • Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) at <70% R.H.
    • Display: 5 Digit Liquid Crystal Display
    • Battery: One standard 9V (NEDA 1604 or equivalent)
    • Dimensions: 7 1/2" high, 3 5/8" wide, and 2 1/8" deep (190 mm X 92 mm X 54  mm)
    • Weight: 15.5 oz. (or 440 g) with battery and test probes

Type K Thermocouple Probes and Accessories:

Model No. Description

    1. TP-100 Needle-tip Penetration Probe, 4" Shaft, Direct Connect to Meter
    2. TP-101 Fine-tip Penetration Probe, 4" Shaft, Direct Connect to Meter
    3. TP-102 Sharp-tip Penetration Probe, 6" Shaft, Direct Connect to Meter
    4. TP-200 General-purpose Immersion Probe, 8" Shaft, Direct Connect to Meter
    5. TP-300 Alligator Clip-on Oven or Air Probe, 4' Length High-Temperature  Insulated Connector Cable
    6. TC-801 Heavy-duty Immersion Probe, 8" Shaft with 5" Delrin® Handle and  5' Coiled Extension Cable
    7. TC-805 Air/Gas Probe, Shielded Bare Sensor for Ultra-fast Response, 5"  Delrin® Handle and 5' Meter/Probe Connector Cable
    8. TC-809 Heavy-duty Surface Probe with Snap-in Tips, 5" Shaft, 5"  Delrin® Handle. Order "S" (straight), "H" (45°) or "R"  (90°) suffix
    9. TC-813 Bolt-on Surface/Oven Probe, 5/8" Diameter Stainless Steel Washer with  4' Length Overbraid High-Temperature Cable
    10. TC-869 Spring Articulated Surface Probe, 45° Tip Angle, 8" shaft with  rugged 5" Delrin® Handle, Connected to Meter by 5' Cable
    11. TCL-329 Handy Meter-to-Probe Extension Handle with 5' Coiled Cable. Allows  Direct-Connect Probe's Use as a Handle Type Probe
    12. TA-70AF 5-Position Thermocouple Meter Calibrator. Allows Quick and Accurate Field  Calibration (for Fahrenheit Scale Only)
    13. TA-70AC 5-Position Thermocouple Calibrator (for Celsius Scale Only)

Own This Workhorse 1370/2500 Series Temperature Measurement System

    • Temperature  Measurement Range: Type K, -100  to 2,500 °F or -70 to 1,370°C
    • Resolution:  1°F or 1°C
    • Calibration  and Error Standard: in accordance with standards DIN43710 and BS1847
    • Meter  Accuracy @25°C (77F): ±0.2% of reading ±1 digit
    • Series  Mode Rejection: 50dB at 60Hz
    • Zero  Drift: Automatically corrected with Auto-zero
    • Environmental  Temperature Range: -20 to 120°F (-29 to 49°C)
    • Size/Weight:  3" wide × 6" long  × 1" high ((7.5 cm × 15 cm × 2.5 cm                          10.5 oz. (283 gm)

Heat-Prober® portable thermocouple thermometers and probes are the most rugged and reliable made for process and maintenance temperature measurements.

The pocket sized microprocessor-based Heat-Prober Type K thermometer updates readings three times per second with an accuracy of ±0.2% of reading ±1 digit and 1°F/°C resolution. The precision cold junction is compensated with a unique, permanently calibrated circuit.

Advanced electronics are housed in ABS plastic, thoroughly tested for environmental integrity and subjected to 4-foot drop tests, battery life and running life tests. All units are calibrated with simulated EMF inputs and powered during a high-temperature burn-in cycle.

The result is a thermometer so durable and reliable that it comes with a 3-year warranty. Heat-Prober's standard large LCD for enhanced readability and Maxi-Temp® peak hold help to assure your peak performance in monitoring temperatures.


WP410 Hand Held Thermometer with Printer

    • Measures  from -328 to 2192°F (-200 to 1200°C)
    • Auto ranging  resolution of 0.1/1°F/C
    • Use  Type K thermocouple
    • Large  0.375" LCD temperature digits
    • Five  selectable automatic printing intervals
    • Battery  or AC-line operated
    • Standard  1 1/2" thermal paper

Wahl's new WP-410 Portable Temperature Printer fits in the palm of your hand, yet comes with features found only in larger instruments.

The printer's microprocessor circuit provides an auto ranging decimal point and polarity of ± 0.1° from -72 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C) and ±1° thereafter. The complete temperature range is -328 to 2192°F (-200 to 1200°C) with an accuracy of ± 0.3% of reading ±2 digits.

Completely portable, the WP410 continuously monitors and displays temperature data while offering selectable printing intervals from 3 second to one hour. The unit's thermal printer can temperatures unattended for up to 30 days.

Each print run includes a time and data heading. Every printed temperature is either data or sequentially stamped. Time is on a 24-hour clock. Sequential numbering is 0000-9999.

The portable instrument is compatible with a wide range of Wahl Type K thermocouple probes. These include probes for stationary, moving surface, liquid, air, semi-solid and special applications. 

Input                               Type K, accepts miniature TC connectors
Temperature Range      -328 to 2192° F (-200 to 1200°C)
Resolution                     0.1° from -72 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C), 1° thereafter
Accuracy                      ± 0.5% rdg ±2 digits ( Resolution 0.1°)
                                       ± 0.3% rdg ±2 digits ( Resolution .1°) 
LCD Display Size         .375" digit, temperature; .188" time
Printing Rate                 1 second per line with memory backup
Printing Digit/Size        .188" 
Calendar Set                  Yr/mo/day/hr/min/sec
Weight (ounces)           12
Dimensions (inches)     2-3/4W × 7-3/4D × 3/4 to 1-5/8H
Power Supply                4 AA (R6) alkaline batteries














































































































































































































































































Humidity / Temperature Meters








HTS30 High-speed System

  • Fast  response humidity sensor with 5-sec. time constant
  • 0 to  100% RH, -40 to +176°F
  • Not  affected by moisture condensation
  • Applications:  plant maintenance, air conditioning installation and maintenance, checking humidity levels  and temperature in process areas, measuring moisture content in pager

This handheld humidity instrument  system, comprised of a meter and probe, uses a thin film sensor for extremely fast  measurements. In operation, the film absorbs moisture, changing its capacitance proportional  to the relative humidity. The resulting linearized data is displayed in percent RH.

Simultaneous with the RH reading,  temperature is measured with 0.1° resolution over the -40 to +176°F temperature range.  Temperature measurements employ a high precision, 100 ohm, platinum RTD film sensor element  mounted in the same location as the humidity sensor. A plastic grid protects the sensors  against damage. Models are available with either Fahrenheit.

HTM34 Pocket-Size Meter

  • 6.25  × 2.24 × 1.06 in., 8.8oz.
  • 0 to  100% RH, -4 to +140°F or -20 to +60°C
  • 3-1/2  digit,3/4-in. high LCD readout
  • Hold  button provides measurement retention

Shirt pocket size for easy  portability, the HTM34 has a retractable probe that slides out of the meter case for  quick, easy checks of relative humidity and temperature in laboratory or industrial  environments


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