Equipment manufactured by PARVEEN owes its high quality to manufacturing procedures, which are constantly upgraded to suit the precision requirements of the items. Most of the items are manufactured on CNC machines ensuring accuracy and repeatability. At every stage quality inspector inspects before releasing items to next stage. Appropriate steps are taken at every stage of manufacture to ensure exclusion of all possible mistakes. The final product is then pushed thru all the acceptance tests before release for shipping. Third party inspections are also organised to suit the requirements of the customers.

Final inspection and acceptance of products must be made at the PARVEEN plant and shall be conclusive except as regards latent defects. Customer's representatives may inspect at the plant during business hours prior to shipment in such manner as will not interfere with operation.


Wellhead, X-mas Tree,
Gate Valves, Manifolds

Wireline pressure Control
Equipment & Tool String

Coil Tubing Equipment

Sucker Rod Equipment

Treating Irons, Unions, Swivels & Circulating Heads

Flanges Studs & Nuts Ring
gaskets Pipe Fittings & Pipes

Tubulars, Drilling & Work-
over Tools & Cementing Tools

Well Test Equipment

Gaslift Equipment

Down Hole Flow Control

Fishing & Milling Tools

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      Oruçreis Mah. Tekstilkent Tic. Mrk.
      G2 Blok, No:101 (10AD-Z77)
      34235 Esenler / ISTANBUL
      T: +90 212 235 95 35 / 36
      F: +90 212 235 95 37

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