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Hollow shaft encoders are designed with either a through-bored shaft or a blind-bored shaft, and intended to mount directly onto a motor or other shaft. This eliminates the need for a shaft to shaft coupling and mounting adapter, resulting in both space and cost savings. The encoder "floats" on the motor shaft. A tether or flexible mounting bracket prevents the encoder from turning, yet accommodates shaft-to-shaft misalignment. 

HS20 Hollow Shaft Encoder

HS20-P Programmable Hollow Shaft

HS25 Hollow Shaft Encoder

HS25-P Programmable Hollow Shaft

HS30 Hollow Shaft Encoder 

HRL Hollow Shaft Encoder

HRL-P Programmable Hollow Shaft

HRS Hollow Shaft Cube Style Encoder

HRS-P Programmable Hollow Shaft

An incremental encoder that uses precision measuring wheels to directly measure the movement of a conveyor belt or other material.

Wheeled encoders more accurately track the conveyor belt or other material than shaft encoders. Two problems with shaft encoders in this application are: (1) slippage of the conveyor belt on the roller, and (2) inaccuracy of roller diameters. Both of these contribute to inaccuracies that reduce the overall efficiency of a material handling sortation system. Wheeled encoders ride directly on the moving material, use a wheel tread having a high coefficient of friction, and have a very low starting torque resulting in virtually no slippage of the wheels on the belt. In addition, the wheels are precision ground to 12.00 inch or 30.00 centimeter circumference with a tolerance of +/- .01" or .025cm., versus a roller which has a much larger tolerance and its circumference seldom translates into an integral number of encoder pulses per unit of linear movement.

Photocraft model RH wheeled encoders offer additional advantages. The integral arm on the encoder and various accessories make it easy to install. The "anti-jitter" feature eliminates tracking problems and the resulting miss-sorts often encountered when a conveyor stops and then restarts. The circuit board includes a high degree of circuit protection that eliminates failures caused by the very significant levels of static electricity often associated with conveyors. Finally, we offer a "programmable" version of the RH encoder that enables selection of the pulses per revolution and output circuit type at installation time, resulting in maximum flexibility for you with minimum inventory.

RH Encoder or RH-P Programmable Encoder

Programmable incremental encoders include an integrated micro-controller and user accessible DIP switches. The micro-controller is factory programmed to generate various outputs depending on DIP switch settings that are set by the end user at installation time. The most common program configurations allow the end user to select the pulses per revolution that are generated, and the output circuit type.

The primary benefit is increased flexibility - one encoder can do many things, thus simplifying system design and minimizing inventory. Advanced functions are also possible which can simplify system design and reduce costs.

Programmable encoders can be configured to generate up to 3 outputs. Features that currently exist include:

New features are continuously being developed. If you have special requirements, do not hesitate to contact our engineers.


A single-turn, absolute encoder generates a multi-bit binary code word indicating the angular position of the shaft. Each equal sized segment of one shaft rotation is indicated by a unique value. When power is first applied the shaft position is immediately known without having to re-home, even if the shaft is moved when power is off. For more information see Absolute Encoder Options and Features.

MR30 Modular Absolute Encoder SR12 Miniature Absolute Encoder
non-contact potentiometer
R30 / SR30 Industrial Absolute Encoders 

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