PhotoSynergy Limited ( PSL )

Türkiyede PhotoSynergy Limited ( PSL )  has innovation at its core with a team of experienced physicists and engineers whose extensive background and experience has been gained in the research and development of leading edge technology and product creation.

PSL approach is to innovate in light related systems covering a wide spectrum including subsea, marine, aquaculture, algae growth, communications through to industrial and domestic lighting systems for way finding and escape routes in difficult or hazardous and challenging conditions.










Product Applications

The flexibility of side-emitting optical fibre rope lighting has a wide range of applications including:

  • emergency guidance lighting in challenging environments

  • exit guidepath lighting in public buildings

  • subsea & marine lighting

Applications fall broadly into two categories: deployed systems that can be carried directly to the required location, and fixed installation systems where a permanent presence is required.


Emergency Services Portable LIGHTPATH

A highly portable drum of light rope enables emergency crews to establish a safety guidepath or perimeter cordon of up to 150m directly at the incident scene.

The deployed system comprises of a PSL6000 Fibre Illuminator and drum of optical fibre rope. The compact illuminator module is powered by a 12V battery and is carried within range of the incident scene, and will run from batterries for up to 12 hours. Alternatively, if mains power is within range the unit may be powered indefinitely.

The illuminated flexible rope is reeled out by a crew member to quickly mark a safe entry/exit path or perimeter. The intrinsically safe fibre will operate in smoke, dust or underwater conditions and can easily be replaced if damaged during operations.

In standby mode, the illuminator module is left on charge to ensure the battery pack is ready for


24/7 Emergency Guidance Lighting

For buildings of any size, LIGHTPATH sets a new standard for high-reliability, always-on, emergency guidance lighting systems with enhanced safety features.

Conventional Emergency Lighting - Typically conventional emergency lighting systems illuminate only above exit points and can quickly become obscured by smoke. Regular maintenance checks are also required to verify that the lighting system is functioning correctly in the event of an emergency.

LIGHTPATH Surpasses Convention - LIGHTPATH offers a continuous path along hallways and around doors that is illuminated 24/7 yet consumes less power than a single light bulb. Being always on, the system is always verified to be functional. In the event of power failure, LIGHTPATH switches to battery backup and will flash the entire length to indicate that the system is running on standby power.


Subsea & Marine LIGHTPATH

Subsea air-dive umbilicals

The LIGHTPATH fibre can simply be wound into the lay of an existing umbilical to allow the retro-fit of the illumination system. Installation will typically be an hour for a 65m umbilical. When coupled to either the SLS5000 or SLS9000, the fibre presents a continuous line of light indicating the route of the umbilical. This can be from both Saturation and Wet bells. 

The increased visibility is beneficial to both the individual diver, his colleagues in the water, the Bell man and the supporting ROV pilots, who can monitor for potential umbilical snagging risks. The individual diver can be identified by the use of different illumination colours.


The LIGHTPATH can be used for numerous lighting applications in confined spaces, hand-rails, open hatches, stairs and gangways and can be deployed rapidly from a portable drum. A number of lighting options are available depending on the application and location. These include 24V DC with emergency battery back-up or stand-alone battery operation. 

Both the above applications have the option to be operated in flash mode.


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