Point heating systems

INSV electric point heating

Innovative and economical single source solution to electric point heating featuring PINTSCH ABEN’s reliable, modular configured PA Line control and monitoring system.

SAC gas-infrared point heating

Renowned system combines high melt capacity and quick response time. PINTSCH ABEN burnerpipes -powered by natural gas or propane - have a proven life over 18 years.

PCU process control unit

Programmable microprocessor controller, specifically developed by PINTSCH ABEN to control and monitor point heating installations.

BAE point heating control panel

Desktop version of the PCU, specifically designed by PINTSCH ABEN to enable easy control and monitoring of several large point heating installations.

METEOSCAN weather station

High-duty stainless steel instrument, optimal protection against vandalism. Available as sensor station or autonomously functioning switch control device.

BURNERPIPE gas-infrared point heating

The reliable PINTSCH ABEN burnerpipe is the result of a professionally set up product development, consequently implemented for over 40 years.

THOR spark igniter

Heavy-duty component of the PINTSCH ABEN burner pipe, featuring double spark function and enlarged power supply voltage range.

Remote control and monitoring

PA LINE visualisation

The operating PA LINE software has been written
by PINTSCH ABEN specifically for points heating
application to guarantee reliability and stability
where it counts on-track.

Central Monitoring System Point Heating (CMS)

CMS enables full remote control & monitoring of
point heating installations supplied by several
manufacturers that use different protocols for
their data communication.

Maritime aids to navigation

LEDFORCE marine lantern

Compact, durable LED marine lantern with full stainless steel housing and lexan tube section provides maximum protection against vandalism.

LEDFORCE self-contained

Full autonomously functioning marine lantern specifically designed for navigation beacons, marking buoys and harbour lights where a visability of 3 Nm. is required.

LED lighting unit for traffic signs

Latest generation high intensity LED's offer a total light intensity of 500 Lumen using only 4 Watts. Unit holds integrated twilight switch.


Heavy-duty sustainable energy unit provided with a lockable, triple bolted door. Capacity can be scaled-up using 1 or 2 extra solar panels.

PROSTAR photovoltaic system controller

Advanced microprocessor photovoltaic system controller for maritime applications features automatic voltage selection and load current correction.

CODESY MK II maritime remote monitoring system

Advanced maritime telemetric system provides full remote control and monitoring of solarised light beacons, buoys, lighting units etc.


The PAS-630 buoy can be applied for all inner waters. Owing to it’s low mass, only a relatively light-weight anchorage will be required.

SOLAR LIGHT BUOY shallow water

Durable carbon steel design renown around the Globe, based on over 150 years experience in Aids to Navigation equipment.

Range light lantern EER130

Specifically designed for application in direction leading light towers, stainless steel house includes sun hood, halogen lamps up to 100 Watt can be mounted.

Sector direction light SLF-3

High-precision navigation light enables safe approach of harbor entrances and assures correct navigation on coastal waters and shipping routes.

Rotating marine lantern DLL6-300

Marks coastlines, far-off located waterways and harbours. Reliable integrated microprocessor motor control enables a large number of possible flash intervals.


Turn-key design, fabrication and world-wide installation. Our tailor-made column and lattice light towers are operational on 4 continents.

Display signs DB-series

For depth indication of lock sills and head room indication of bridges. Integrated electronic control system secures display read-out when power supply breaks down.

Marine lantern EE155N-CR

Our famous electric marine lantern with 6-place lamp changer forms the basis of many thousands of waterway marking installations, set-up all over the world.


We guarantee our durable EVA-Tedlar laminated panels for 20 years! Wide variety in capacity/dimensions available.

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