Servotronix Motion Control

Servotronix Motion Control  MACHINE INTERFACES

softTP Tablet – Robot Teach Pendant
The softTP Tablet teach pendant is designed for use with softMC 3 and softMC 7 motion controllers and robotic, design for OEM robotic customers.


softMI – Human Machine Interface
The softMI is a touch screen graphic terminal that allows machine operators to control, monitor, and collect data from automated industrial machines and servo motion systems controlled by softMC motion controllers.


Servotronix Motion Control MOTION CONTROLLERS

softMC 301 – Compact Motion Controller

The smallest motion controller in its performance class, supports 1 to 6 axes of synchronized, coordinated motion with EtherCAT or CANopen communication.


softMC 703 – Multi Axis Motion Controller

Compact multi-axis motion control software and hardware package, that supports 1 to 64 axes with EtherCAT communication, for a variety of automation and robotics applications.

softMC 702 – Multi Axis Motion Controller

Multi-axis motion control software and hardware package, that supports 1 to 64 axes with EtherCAT and CANopen communication, for a variety of automation and robotics applications.

Servotronix Motion Control SERVO DRIVES

CDHD2 – High Performance Servo Drives

CDHD2 is the second generation of the CDHD servo drive family. It features ease of use and advanced control algorithms. The comprehensive feature set of the CDHD2 allows to build more accurate and more efficient machines. CDHD2 current loop design achieves an industry leading frequency response of 3-5 kHz. Advanced autotuning reduces tracking error and …



CDHD2-LV – Low Voltage High Performance Servo Drives

The Servotronix CDHD2 servo drive family includes a series of low voltage servo drives rated at 20–90 VDC input power and up to 15 ARMS continues current. The CDHD2 LV drives offer the same robust mechanical design and high performance features as the CDHD2 VAC servo drives. The compact design enables space-saving and mounting near …



BDHD2 – High Performance Servo Drives

BDHD2 is a high-performance EtherCAT servo drive bundled with PRHD2 or PRO2 high-precision brushless servo motors. BDHD2 servo bundles feature ease of use, high power density, high torques and a high overload capacity. A derivative of the CDHD2 series, BDHD2 ensures optimal performance, cost-effectiveness and machine efficiency for machine builders.


Servotronix Motion Control SERVO MOTORS

PRO – Highly Dynamic Servo Motors

With a wide range of torque ratings and motor options, PRO servo motors are particularly suitable for highly dynamic applications with strict requirements for high accuracy and stability.


PRO2 – Highly Dynamic Servo Motors

A careful selection of components, uncompromised quality, international certifications, and a wide range of power ratings assure that the PRO2 servomotors are optimal for dynamic, reliable and efficient automation.

PRHD2 – Highly Dynamic Servo Motors

The PRHD2 electro-mechanical design features low speed and torque ripple, minimal temperature rise, high torque density and high overload capacity.


Servotronix Motion Control INTEGRATED MOTORS

stepIM – Integrated Closed Loop Steppers


With a superior closed loop control and a cost-effective design, the integrated stepper motors provide an efficient and economical solution for applications that require the performance of a servo at the price level of a stepper.



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