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Valcor​ Missiles & Space

Since 1951, Valcor Engineering has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of customized fluid control components and systems for military and space applications.

Valcor Aircraft

Since 1951, Valcor Engineering has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of customized fluid control components and systems for fixed-wing and rotorcraft.

Valcor Solenoid Valves

Our 2 and 3-way solenoid valve designs are highly customizable for gas and liquid applications in. Many designs use Valcor’s proprietary floating seal design, which provides enumerable benefits over competitive valves. Typical applications include the control of fuel tank pressurization, hot gas engine bleed air, oxidizer tank pressurization, pressurant isolation, propellant isolation, and RCS thruster valves. Also available are 3-way actuator control valves for large propellant valves. End connections include MS, Tube, and Socket Weld. Many are also available in manifoldable (plug-in) configurations.


Valcor Accumulators

Our hydraulic accumulators employ novel design features that provide high pressure capability in a lightweight and compact configuration. They are typically used in launch vehicle hydraulic systems (emergency back-up power, fluid thermal expansion), and are available in piston type or maintenance-free welded bellows designs.


Valcor Manifolds

Custom manifolds are no challenge to us. We design complete systems around our components, integrating third-party components as needed. Our manifolds provide turn-key solutions to your fluid control system requirement! Typical applications for manifolds include systems used for propellant tank pressurization, propellant isolation, and pressure regulation/relief.


Valcor Pressure Regulators

Our family of piston-sensed pressure-reducing regulators are available in relieving and non-relieving configurations. For extremely low control pressure applications, bellows-sensed absolute pressure regulators are also offered. A wide range of available elastomer and lip seal soft goods ensure maximum compatibility with the process media.


Valcor Fill and Drain (Service) Valves

Custom-designed metal-seated fill and drain valves offer the right performance for demanding applications. A wide range of mounting styles, end connections, body and seal options are available. These valves are used in space and launch vehicle systems for propellant loading and venting, and pneumatic pressure vessel charging and venting.


Valcor Relief Valves

Designed to protect sensitive pneumatic and hydraulic systems from over pressurization, relief valves crack at the desired pressure, and reseat at a much lower, safer system pressure. Adjustable and preset pressures, with customizable crack to reseat pressure ranges are available, along with an extensive range of pressure and flow capacities.


Valcor Check Valves

Check valves prevent the backflow of process media in propellant and oxidizer systems. Our proprietary technology provides chatter free, stable performance under the most demanding system conditions.


Valcor Latch Valves

Latch valves offer bi-stable valve operation. The valve is pulsed open or closed, and utilizes a permanent magnet to hold the valve open or closed, saving precious power in solar-powered spacecraft applications. Titanium and CRES body material with operating pressures to 10,000 PSIG are available.



Valcor Motion Control

Valcor Power-On Clutches
Transmit torque to a parallel shaft when the coil is energized.
Valcor Power-On Clutch Couplings
Transmit torque to an in-line shaft when the coil is energized.

Valcor Power-On Brakes
Stops load when coil is energized.


Valcor Failsafe Brakes
Stops load via compression springs when coil is de-energized.


Valcor Permanent Magnet Failsafe
Stops load via permanent magnets when coil is de-energized.


Valcor Bi-Stable Brake
The Bi-Stable Brake is the simple solution to the complex problem of heat and power conservation.


Valcor Reversing Drives
Offers a unique way to control direction of rotary motion without reversal of motor rotation or changing angular speed.


Valcor Brake Modules
Pre-assembled rotary motion control packages that provide easy interface between a prime mover (motor) and its load.


Valcor Slip Clutches and Brakes
Designed for controlled slip applications.


Valcor ​ Nuclear & Power Division

Valcor Nuclear provides high quality flow control devices to the nuclear power industry including nuclear power plants, laboratories and waste treatment facilities.


Valcor Process Solenoid Valves

Valcor’s IEEE 323, 344 & 382 qualified 2-way, 3-way and 4-way Process Solenoid Valves are designed to ASME Sec III standards and handle a variety of process gas and liquids.


Valcor Air Pilot Solenoid Valves

Valcor’s family of IEEE 323, 344 & 382 qualified Air-Pilot valves come in a range of flow capacities and are used to actuate control valves in nuclear power plants.


Valcor Instrumentation Isolation Valves

Valcor’s large range of air operated and manually operated Instrumentation Isolation Valves are designed to ASME Sec III standards and are used in safety related applications.


Valcor Pressure + Flow Regulators

Valcor’s ASME Section III code regulators are rated up to 2500 LB Class for fluids and gases. These regulators are either single or multi stages to meet process demands.


Valcor Cavitating Venturis + Orifices

Valcor’s ASME Section III venturis and orifices meet the specific customer requirements for primary and secondary process systems within the NPP.


Passive Flow Control Components

Our passive flow control components include plug resistant orifices, diffusers, silencers, venturis, and multi-stage letdown orifices. They are designed for steam and gas applications in power plants and industrial and commercial manufacturing applications.


Valcor ASME Code Rack Systems

Valcor designs SOV and instrument rack systems for Emergency Diesel Generators and skid-mounted process packages requiring an extensive degree of installed instrumentation components.


Valcor Check + Excess Flow Check Valves

Our check and excess flow check valves are designed and manufactured to specific customer requirements in compliance with ASME Section III Check and Excess Flow Check Valves.



Valcor  Scientific & Industrial

When you connect with Valcor Scientific, you tap into the power of a reliable, proven manufacturer of fluid control valves and devices – geared to support you at every turn.


Valcor General Purpose Solenoid Valves
Our broad range of general purpose 2 and 3-way valves provide cost-effective, long-life and dependable service for most inert gas, liquid and steam applications.

Valcor Cryogenic Solenoid Valves
Our exclusive line of cryogenic solenoid valves utilize proprietary designs to provide exceptional life and durability in all cryogen applications. With working temperatures to -452° F, these valves are perfect for environmental chambers, flash freezers, and analytical instruments.


Valcor Dispensing and Metering Pumps
Our unique line of solenoid-operated precision dispensing pumps provide adjustable metering of liquids at low dispensed volumes with accuracies greater than conventional piston and peristaltic pumps.


Valcor Pinch Valves
Our miniature pinch valves provide the ability to totally isolate the process media from contact with any part of the valve. Using silicone tubing typically found in medical and analytical instruments, the pinch valve creates a valving point anywhere along the tubing. Available in 2 and 3-way configurations for many common tube diameters.


Valcor Miniature / Microminiature Isolation Valves
Our family of miniature and microminiature PTFE isolation valves are available in 2-way normally open or normally closed, and 3-way configurations. Stand-alone and manifolded designs are available options.


Valcor Diaphragm Isolated and PTFE Valves and Components
Our exclusive line of 2-way normally-open and normally-closed diaphragm-isolated solenoid valves utilize polypropylene or PTFE bodies, and elastomeric or PTFE diaphragms to isolate the process media from all operating valve components. These valves can control high purity, corrosive, or aggressive liquids in medical, analytical, and food and beverage applications.


Valcor Miniature Valves and Regulators
Our miniature valves and regulators are designed for applications requiring extremely small components controlling air or inert gases. Ideal for air sampling, controlling small pneumatic cylinders and other devices in robotic applications.


Valcor Passive Flow Control Components
Our passive flow control components include plug-resistant orifices, diffusers, silencers, venturis, and multi-stage letdown orifices. Designed for steam and gas applications in power plants, industrial and commercial manufacturing applications.


Valcor Military Land Vehicles

Leveraging Valcor's vast experience in Aircraft, Missile and Space applications, Valcor's approach to valves and specialized fluid control systems for Military Land Vehicles comes from an incredibly powerful place. With 70 years of experience in aerospace and defense applications, it is well placed to provide custom engineering solutions for land-based vehicles. Designing solenoid valves and specialized fluid control systems for land-based vehicles poses additional challenges, not insurmountable ones. Excessive shaking, vibration and shaking, exposure to extreme dusty, dirty and wet conditions require a highly specialized and robust construction. It designs, tests, and manufactures valves and systems in accordance with customer specifications and Mil-Spec requirements.



Valcor can design solenoid valves, manifolds or complete sub-systems for fuel, hydraulic, lubrication and environmental control systems that must perform under the most adverse battle conditions without failure, for an exceptionally long time. Our Motion Control product group provides electromagnetic clutches, brakes and high speed reversing systems to control the rotary motion produced by hydraulic actuators, diesel and gas engines, as well as electric motors.


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