Veeder Root


Veeder-RootTM - "The Best Known Name in CountersTM

Veeder-Root™ offers the broadest selection of rugged and economical electronic, electromechanical and mechanical counters. Veeder products encompass a complete line of totalizing, preset and predetermining electronic counters as well as diverse process and rate indicators. Veeder-Root™, the best known name in counters, has provided non-stop performance and production monitoring in industrial manufacturing applications for over 100 years.

Veeder-Root™ counters and indicators come in a variety of types, sizes and accessory options. Consider just a few of the following of our commercial and industrial counter varieties:


Electric Counters:

Control Counters

Counters with Interface


Time Totalizers


Electronic Counters:


Electronic / Preset / Predetermined

Time Counters (Hourmeters)

Rate Indicators

Mechanical Counters:

Mechanical Totalizing

Mechanical Predetermining

Key Veeder-Root™ Advantages:

Production Record Shifts / Orders

Automation (e.g. Elimination Of Human Factor)

Scrap Reduction and Production Defect Monitoring

Determine Yield Converting

Insure Correct Quantity - Package Contents

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