Velvet Drive Transmission

Velvet Drive Transmissions is a leading manufacturer of marine and industrial transmissions. Once a part of Borg Warner, Velvet Drive became a Division of Regal-Beloit Corporation in January of 1995. Our extensive range of transmissions are used in pleasure boats, work boats and search and rescue boats by some of the world's best known manufacturers


The Mission of Velvet Drive Transmissions is to be the premier supplier of marine transmissions. The mission will require us to focus our products and services toward a goal of ever-increasing customer satisfaction. 
Liberty Series 72L, 72LX and 72L-V

  • All aluminum “air craft grade” case is extremely light weight

  • Available in either electric or manual shift

  • High speed rated to 6000 rpm

  • Easily interchanged with existing Velvet Drive models

  • The 72L is rated at 600 ft-lbs of torque for Pleasure Craft gas

  • The 72L-X is rated at 900 ft-lbs of torque for Pleasure Craft gas and 700 ft-lbs light duty commercial diesel

  • High speed rated to 6000 rpm

Liberty Series 72L-HP and 72L-H

  • Dry sump design reduces parasitic losses while ensuring a constant supply of oil to the pump. 

  • All aluminum case is extremely light weight 

  • Available in both electric and manual shift 

  • Drive line and close coupled use the same model (only one unit to stock) 

  • High speed rated to 6500 RPM 

  • Easily interchanged with existing competitive and Velvet Drive models 

  • Clutch pack rated at 2500 ft-lbs in 16 full size clutches and steels (72L-HP)

Liberty Series 5000A

  • Robust ribbed aluminum housing for "bullet proof" design 

  • Ground gearing throughout for whisper quiet operation 

  • Various mounting options for easy interchangeability with existing Velvet Drive and competitive models 

  • Exact ratio in forward and reverse means zero torque steer 

  • Smaller drive package allows more usable boat space where it counts 

  • 8 degree down angle allows Horizontal Engine installation 

  • Fully reversing feature allows for Twin Engine installation using Automotive Rotation Engines 

  • Available in Direct Drive and 5 Reductions

5000V Series

  • Designed specifically for V-Drive applications 

  • Fully reversing feature allows for Twin Engine installation using Automotive Rotation Engines 

  • Compact design with lightweight aluminum housing 

  • Available in 4 Reduction Ratios

Velvet Drive Transmissions Ürünleri ile uygun rekabetçi fiyaları almak için müşteri temsilçimiz ile veya Fiyat teklifi formunu doldurarak mesaj bırakmanız halinde satış muhendislerimiz en kısa zamanda sizinle irtibat kuracaklardır.

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