Shock Testing Systems
ASQ Series
Fragility testing for micro device to large size products, generates trapezoidal pulse and half-sine pulse for shock testing.
MDST Series
The manually controlled variable programmer
(patent No.1259037) can generate a half-sine pulse shock.
SDST Series
Replacing the rubber pad for generate a half-sine pulse shock.
HDST Series
Apply high acceleration to computer's parts, cellular phones, and mobile products for product fragility test.
Generates a half-sine shock pulse, and the high acceleration of 2000-50000m/s2 to the specimens.
CDS Series
Continuously applying the half-sine wave to specimens for a period of time
PST Series
This testing machine is used to test product fragility and quality control for small products, especially electronics & electronic parts, micro-electronics devices, etc.
Testing Machines for Safety Helmets
The helmets protects head which is the most important part of human body. These machines are used for testing shock absorption and penetration, chin strap tension.
Other Shock Testing Systems
Fragility test for mobile products, rotational drop testing machines, drop testing for packaged freights, dynamic testing machine for cushioning materials, inclined plane testers, centrifugal testing machines, releasing hook for drop test etc.
Distribution Environmental Recorders
Distribution Environmental Recorders

Measuring vibration, shock, temperature, and humidity measurement of distribution facilities for long time measurement. Increased the number of recording data by using smart media as data memory and have separated the data memory from the main unit to ensure high-speed processing.
Distribution Environmental Recorders

This is a multi-purpose three-directional acceleration logger has been developed for transportation environments survey of packaged freights, the drop height and direction table can be analyzed by its exclusive software.
Three-Directional Acceleration Logger

It features drop testing for packaged freights, and a 3-direction acceleration recorder for vibration, shock, for transportation environments survey. The recording can be measured up to 9999 times, exclusive analyzing software will be provided as an option for tables, and graphs analyzing.
Three-Directional Acceleration Logger

It features drop testing for packaged freights, and a 3-direction acceleration recorder for vibration, shock, and temperatures, humidity data for transportation environments survey. It can measure peaks acceleration and displays duration times. Also provides the temperature and humidity sensor as an option.
Recording Thermometer RT-113
Measurement of temperature in refrigerated vehicle, rooms, and plants, for environment recording. Performs clear recording at any postures, and also is developed for resistible against vibration and moisture under any severe condition.
Vibrameter UHA -
Process the recorded data in digital form for maintenance of railroad trackage and railway vehicles. Measuring real time rolling stock waveform in analog recording and printout the threshold value also can stored into the PC card memory.
Measuring Instruments for Railway Vehicle
Wheel Diameter Measuring Instrument
Measuring wheel diameter with a dial gauge.

Wheel Tread Wear and Back gauge  

Measuring Instrument

This instrument can records the wheel tread profiles of wheel's inside plane and the treads on the rails and easily fixes to both sides of wheel when the wheel are dissembled from the truck or assembled to the rolling stock as the reference. This allows measurement always at the same angle, and measures the back gauge to ensures the assessment of wear of both tyres as a set.

Wheel Tread Wear Measuring Instrument
This instrument can easily records the profile of wheel treadw hen the wheel is dissembled from the truck or assembled to the rolling stock.
Digital Tyre Measuring Instrument
Measures flange height, and distance from the axis center simultaneously as the reference. Measurement for tyre thickness is also available.
Wheel Weighing Machines
Measures wheel loads on the track for any kind cars, dial gauge or digital display type can be selected.
Auto Coupler Height Measuring Instrument
Lightweight measuring instrument can measure height of the coupler on the operating rail track.
Rail Profile Measuring Instrument
This instrument fixes easily to a rail and precisely measures and records wear of rails to the actual scale.
Shock Measurement, Analysis Systems
Shock Manager SM-500

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, easy operation interface,
with additional new functions, max 10 ch. acceleration amplifier
shock response spectrum (SRS) analysis, shock response (SR) analysis, composition of three directional acceleration, displacement analysis.
Impact Recorders
Compact size Impact Recorders

Collect vibration and impact pulse data for package freights during transport.
Gives correct data at any posture with easy handling.
3 Direction Impact Recorders

Measures impact acceleration in three directions simultaneously for package freights during transport.
The clock drive feeding types recorder collects its direction and the time of occurrence
Max. Impact & Thermo Recorder

It is especially used for proof of transportation insurance etc.





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