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Technologies by ZF for Passenger Cars

1-Stage Power Take-Off Unit

High performance in tight spaces for passenger cars with front-transverse drive

The power take-off unit in four wheel drive cars with front transverse mounted engine and transmission transfers the torque to the rear axle. Top performance needs to be achieved here in very narrow spaces.


2-Stage Power Take-Off Unit

High performance in tight spaces for passenger cars with front transverse drive

The power take-off unit in four wheel drive cars with front transverse mounted engine and transmission transfers the torque to the rear axle. Top performance needs to be achieved here in very narrow spaces. The two-stage design with a high-strength rated pair of spur-gears and bevel gear-set and the special housing design optimally fulfills these requirements


4. Generation of 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

Significant CO2 reduction with simultaneous increase in electrical performance
More power and higher efficiency characterize the 4th generation of 8HP transmission. Thanks to its modular design with different launch elements, the new 8-speed automatic transmission can be used in the electrified variants PHEV and MHEV as well as a conventional variant in the future. The 4th generation of the 8HP modular system is more than just a "single" transmission, and therefore the flexible solution for the future requirements of our customers for electro mobility.


7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

The sports transmission.
The 7-speed dual clutch transmission makes especially sporty driving performance possible: direct drive and lightning-fast gear changes without interrupting the shear force. The car "sits right on the gas". It also achieves fuel economy better than that of a manual transmission thanks to its excellent fuel efficiency.


7-Speed Manual Transmission

Worldwide First 7-Speed Manual Transmission For Passenger Cars Comes From ZF
The 7-speed manual transmission is the first manual transmission with 7 gears that is available for passenger cars. It was created based on the 7-speed dual clutch transmission by ZF. The 7MT is responsible for the new, fast gear shifting characteristics. The developed converted shifting actuator allows a classic H-shift pattern to be combined with dual-clutch gear sets.


8-Speed Automatic Transmission

Innovation by reduction: efficiency, perfected
With the development of the new 8-speed automatic transmission by ZF, the focus is not on the number of speeds but rather on the minimization of fuel consumption. The new 8HP 8-speed automatic transmission, which was designed to be more lightweight, sets new standards for flexibility, efficiency, and economy. It is an excellent example of how the power of innovation can create a new classic design.


8-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

New sports transmission for rear-wheel and all-wheel drives
Dynamic and efficient: ZF's innovative 8-speed dual clutch transmission forms the basis for a new flexible modular system for front-longitudinal standard, all-wheel and hybrid drives


8-Speed Hybrid Transmissions

Efficient and dynamic
From an individual component to the complete system including control unit and hybrid management: ZF offers hybrid technology to automotive manufacturers in the form of a modular kit to meet their exacting requirements


8-Speed Plug-In Hybrid Transmission

Fully charged: plug-in-hybrid system for passenger cars
The best of both worlds: Plug-in hybrids combine the range of a combustion engine with a locally emission-free electric drive. ZF offers hybrid technology to automotive manufacturers in the form of a modular kit to meet their exacting requirements.


9-Speed Automatic Transmission

Heading for a whole new dimension
The ZF 9-speed automatic transmission for passenger cars with front-transverse engines. Thanks to the modular principle, different starting elements and all-wheel drive applications can be implemented cost-effectively even given the restricted installation space conditions with front-transverse passenger cars.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control systems improve driving comfort and can help the driver maintain a safe following distance during highway driving
An adaptive cruise control (ACC) uses forward looking radar and/or camera to help detect a vehicle directly ahead in the lane and is designed to automatically adapt a vehicle’s speed, and help maintain a safe distance from that vehicle when driving on a highway.


Airbag Systems

ZF produces a variety of airbag safety system technologies that help improve occupant protection.
Protecting people. That’s the aim of our ongoing tradition of occupant safety innovation. ZF is continually developing advanced solutions to anticipate and react to the many variables of a crash. Our systems utilize an array of electronic sensors to gather and analyze data, which enables the control units to better determine how to help protect drivers and passengers.


AKC® - Active Kinematics Control

Improved agility by AKC®
The capability to steer the rear axle has advantages in almost every driving situation. It increases your ability to drive through narrow streets, it would give you a tighter turning circle. It gives more confidence driving at higher speeds on winding roads and at very high speeds it increases vehicle stability.


Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) help drivers maintain vehicle control
Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) can enhance vehicle control and help avoid wheel lock during emergency stop situations or on slippery surfaces and support OEM regulatory requirements. The company’s anti-lock braking systems have evolved to offer additional functionality, such as dynamic rear proportioning, that allow for enhanced balance and handling performance.


Automated Manual Transmission

Intelligent Gear Shifting
For automated manual transmissions, the clutch is opened by an electromechanical clutch actuator. After the clutch is opened, the shift operations within the gearbox are taken over by an electromechanical transmission actuator. These two actuators are controlled by an electronic control unit. ZF is a single-source supplier and integrator for all the components including the transmission control unit and software.


Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking can help drivers avoid or mitigate collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians
The automatic emergency braking (AEB) system uses forward looking radar and/ or camera allowing the capability to help quickly and accurately detect impeding vehicles, pedestrians and other obstacles. That information can then be used to apply the brakes to provide up to 1 g deceleration in an effort to help avoid or mitigate collisions.


Axle concept EasyTurn

Innovative front axle concept for urban mobility
With a new front-axle concept, creating a steering angle of up to 75 degrees is manageable. With this improved steering angle, turning and parking maneuvers will be easier than ever. Greater maneuverability will benefit both passenger and transport vehicles especially in traffic-prone city driving, parking spaces, narrow streets, building sites, traffic jams or loading zones.


Axle Concept mSTARS

The exclusive modularity – one for everything
The mSTARS axle concept offers multifaceted applications in the most diverse vehicle segments such as the compact mid-size car, the luxury vehicle and the sports car. The application in hybrid, fuel cell and battery-powered vehicles is just as possible as the combination with standard powertrain modules or the active rear-axle steering system also known as Active Kinematics Control - AKC.


Axle Systems

Perfect interplay between front and rear axle
The axle plays a major role in the chassis system as a supporting link between wheels and vehicle body. All forces and moments between wheel and vehicle structure are transmitted via the axle. The drive axle ensures that engine motive power is transferred to the wheels. The front axle also transmits the steering movements to the wheels.


CDC® - Continuous Damping Control

CDC® - damping for more driving safety and comfort
Continuous Damping Control solves the conflict between driving safety and ride comfort by setting the damper - and uncompromisingly. Whether fully loaded or only with the driver, the CDC®-system adjusts the optimum damping wheel-individually according to the driving situation.



The System for Rear Axles
Developed specially for compact cars and vans, the CDC® system intervenes at the spot where comfort and safety can be influenced the most in these vehicles – on the rear axle. For here is where passenger and luggage loads have the greatest effect.


Clutch Disc with Torsional Damper

Peace and Quiet in the Powertrain
Clutch discs are subject to immense loads during the vehicle’s life cycle, and are complex components with compact dimensions. Besides transmitting torque, they have additional tasks such as damping torsional vibrations, ensuring good operating comfort, and offering high thermal resistance.



Revolution from ZF

The clutch-by-wire system can even be used with manual transmissions to enable the coasting function or hybridization. These features can contribute to lower fuel consumption and emission levels.


Control Arm

Precise wheel control

Control arms act as the link between steering knuckle and vehicle body in the case of independent wheel suspensions.


Converter Hybrid Transmission

Strong performance with reduced pollutant emissions

The new product from ZF combines the advantages of strong electric tractive power and convenient hydrodynamic power transmission. With intelligent technology, the converter hybrid transmission delivers driving dynamics and convenience for low-pollutant and fuel-efficient power with the hallmark of ZF quality.


Corner Modules

Ready-to-install, ready-to-assemble

Depending on vehicle design, ready-to-assemble Corner Modules are fitted.


Cross-Axis Joints

For special applications

Function and design of cross-axis joints are similar to those of ball joints.


Damping Modules

Safety, Comfort, and Driving Dynamics

Solid basic products, customer specific standard dampers and additional damper functions, electronically controllable chassis systems, and innovative lightweight designs enable us to live up to worldwide market requirements calling for a high level of safety, comfort, and driving dynamics in all vehicles, be it passenger cars or trucks, dampers for off-road or railway, motorsports or motorcycles.


Driven Solid Beam Axle

Robust design despite low weight

Driven solid beam axles are preferably used as rear axles in pick-up trucks, vans, and other LCVs. Here, the robust design also takes over the chassis function in addition to transmitting the torque. Besides, control arms and springs take effect at the axle tubes. They link the axle with the vehicle body and thus ensure force transmission between the wheels and the vehicle body.


Dual Mass Flywheel

Multi-stage vibrational damping

ZF provides different dual mass flywheels to meet the requirements of different powertrains. The entry level is the Mechanical Torsion Damper (MTD) for lower and and medium torque ranges. The DMF is made for different power levels as required. The single-row DMF contains a powerful external spring set. In the double-row DMF this is complemented by an internal damper. For very demanding applications the DMF is equipped with an rpm-adaptable damper.


Dual Pinion Drive

Dual Pinion drive electrically powered steering for C and D segment vehicles

Dual pinion drive EPS systems by ZF, offers a low cost rack-drive power steering solution for C and D segment passenger cars and mid-sized SUVs through to 13kN rack load. The technology provides CO₂ reduction and fuel economy (compared to hydraulic powered steering) as well as high-availability architectures to support automated driving features.


Dual Wet Clutch

Powerful Shifting

The Dual Clutch Transmission System has two clutches at its disposal. The advantage here is that two gears can be engaged at the same time. One of the clutches serves the odd-numbered gears, and the other the even-numbered ones.



The basis for electrifying the driveline

DynaStart®, the electric motor from ZF, forms the basis for electrifying the driveline. Used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and construction machines, the electric motor ensures outstanding efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and functionality in conjunction with the other hybrid system components. The electric motor is available with internal or external rotor, depending on the needs of individual applications.


Electric Axle Drive 150 kW

An environmentally friendly drive concept

Designing a common central housing with a cover on the transmission and electric motor side and using the motor shaft as a transmission input shaft results in a series of functional advantages. The reduction in bearings and interfaces of the ZF electric axle drives results in better performance regarding energy consumption and noise characteristics.


Electric Park Brake (EPB)

The Electric Park Brake functions as a conventional hydraulic brake for standard service brake applications, and as an electric brake for parking and emergency braking.

Electric Park Brake (EPB) is a caliper with an additional motor (motor on caliper) that operates the parking brake. The EPB system is electronically controlled and consists of the EPB switch, the EPB caliper and the electronic control unit (ECU).


Electrically Powered Steering – Belt Drive

Belt drive electrically powered steering for C segment vehicles to full size trucks

Belt drive electrically powered steering system features a modular design for C segment vehicles to full size trucks with up to 18kN rack load. This technology supports CO₂ reduction, fuel economy and automated driving.


Electrically Powered Steering – Column Drive

Column drive electrically powered steering for A to D segment vehicles

ZF's column drive electrically powered steering products are based on a modular, scalable design for A to C/D segment vehicles with up to 12 kN rack loads. This technology supports CO₂ reduction, fuel economy and automated driving


Electronic Control Units

Controlling electrical systems to suit requirements

As the number of electrical systems rises, so too does the demand for more controls in the car. From seat adjustment and keyless entry systems to electronic damper systems, all electrical systems with a certain basic complexity require controls.


Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Electronic stability control (ESC) systems help control the vehicle’s lateral and longitudinal stability

ESC systems combine anti-lock brakes (ABS) and traction control with a lateral stability control function. These systems are specifically designed to help control and maintain the lateral stability of the vehicle. If a potential loss of vehicle control is sensed, ESC is capable of automatically applying brake pressure to the appropriate wheel(s) and, if necessary, cuts engine throttle to help bring the vehicle back in line with the driver’s intended path


Emergency Steering Control

Emergency Steering Control: helping to avoid obstacles using lateral vehicle control

Assisted Emergency Steering Control is a ZF Emergency Steering Assist function that uses forward looking radar and camera to help quickly and accurately detect impeding vehicles. The function can support the driver in an emergency situation where the driver initiates an evasive steering maneuver. The system has the capability to apply an additional steering torque to help the driver during the maneuver and assist in stabilizing the vehicle.


Engine-Bound Front Axle Drive

For use on four wheel drive passenger cars and SUVs

By splitting the aluminum housing longitudinally, a narrow design width can be attained. The drive-unit is attached to the side of the combustion engine.


ERC - Electromechanical Roll Control

Increased Driving Dynamics and Driving Safety

The ZF Electromechanical Roll Control (ERC) allows dynamic driving with increased driving safety and improved driving comfort.


Forward Facing Monocular Cameras

ZF is the number one supplier of forward-looking monocular cameras globally currently supplying over 5 million cameras annually.

ZF advanced camera solutions are designed to support safety functions such as automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning/lane keeping. These functions are realized with a forward-looking monocular camera mounted on the windshield.


Forward-Looking Full-Range Radar

ZF’s Full-Range Radar is a high-resolution 4D 77GHz full range radar designed for Level 4 and above automated driving.

Higher levels of Automated Driving use cases require wide fields of view and the capture of a large number of high-resolution targets for high precision environmental mapping – with 192 channels, the imaging radar offers high separation capabilities in azimuth and elevation of the environmental map as well as lateral and longitudinal scales.


Forward-Looking Medium-Range Radar

ZF’s Medium-Range Radar is a high-performance 77GHz front radar designed for 2020+ Euro NCAP 5-Star Safety Ratings and L2/L2+ Automated Driving performance

The “MRR” has the capability to achieve increased speed resolution and a high detection range up to more than 200 meters to support optimum adaptive cruise control performance even at long distance. It enables safety and convenience functions including forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking functionality for the majority of driving scenarios.


Frame-Bound Front Axle Drive

For use in SUVs

Using integrated rubber mounts, the drive-unit is attached to the subframe and is positioned laterally offset from the combustion engine. The support tube docked on this side is used for suspension and also allows the side shaft interface to be assembled suitably for the available space.


Front Caliper

Front caliper single and twin piston designs

The front caliper is actuated by one or two pistons and a sliding housing and is a cost-efficient, high-performance brake solution for medium to upper car models helping to address the demand for enhanced brake performance. The Colette-type lightweight, low-drag caliper family is the most widely fitted floating caliper in the world. Colette brakes are available for both front brakes in single and twin piston designs, as well as for rear brake applications.


Gearshift Bezel

Every display element is different

Regardless of which gearshift system we create for our customers, our goal for each project is to combine the most advanced technology and modern design in the best way possible. This is the only way in which we can continue to meet individual customer requirements in the most innovative way possible. This is how we develop display elements and display plates for our customers that have integrated sensors and slider technology, if appropriate.


Gearshift Systems

Shifting to success. And making real progress.

Each year, ZF supplies renowned car manufacturers all over the world with some 5.8 million gearshift systems – whether for automatic or manual transmission – for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In addition to focusing on technological innovation, we also prioritise sustainability and low environmental impact when developing our components.


HAG Rear Axle Drive

For passenger car applications with permanent four wheel drive

Due to the way the torque is split across the front and rear axles, it has been possible to design the rear axle drive to be correspondingly small which in connection with the aluminum housing and the welded crown gear leads to a very low weight.


HAG Rear Axle Drive - Standard

For passenger cars with standard drive

The aluminum housing and the suspension concept has been especially adapted to the installation space environment. Apart from an open differential, the drive-unit can also be fitted with a ZF multidisk self-locking differential.


HAG Rear Axle Drive EM

Transmission with electromechanical axle-differential lock

Using a speed reducer and a ball ramp, a multidisk package is charged with an electric motor and thus a continuously variable locking torque is created. The result is an increase in performance by improving traction and driving dynamics.


Highway Driving Assist

Interested in highway driving without driver intervention? Check out Highway Driving Assist

Highway Driving Assist is designed to allow you to drive on the highway while the vehicle controls the lane-keeping and speed/safe distance management.


Hybrid Clutch

Integrating all operations

Many hybrid drives need an additional separable clutch to be integrated into the existing space in addition to their electric motor. This clutch takes on all conceivable hybrid functions, such as electric driving, especially for electric motors in drivelines of parallel hybrid cars.


Hybrid Module

Integrating all Operations

The hybrid module combines ZF's core areas of expertise in the driveline - the electric motor, torsional damping, and wet clutch - superbly integrated and mutually adjusted. A special highlight is the possibility of integrating the module into existing driveline architectures without taking up additional installation space.


Hydrodynamically Cooled Clutch HCC®

Cool Cruising at all Times

The hydrodynamically cooled clutch (HCC®) is a newly developed start-up element. This clutch is designed for use in strongly motorized vehicles with stepped automatic transmissions or CVTs. The low mass inertia torque and the compact design make the HCC® an ideal startup element - not merely for sportive uses, but also for vehicles with a distinct start-up deficiency (due to i.e., turbo lag).


Integrated Brake Control (IBC)

Integrated brake control: full electronic brake control and regenerative system capability in a single, integrated unit

Integrated brake control is a non-vacuum, integrated electro-hydraulic brake apply control unit which can replace the electronic stability control, vacuum booster, and vacuum pump (where needed), as well as associated cables, sensors, switches and controllers. It offers regenerative braking in a single, integrated unit and covers fuel-efficient power trains without the need for supplemental vacuum pumps.


Inverter 400 V

Greater efficiency for electric drivelines

Flexible 400-volt inverter. A standardized system design speeds up the process of designing and developing different versions Controlling all conventional electric motors – both electrical asynchronous motors (ASM) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PSM).


Knuckles and Hubs

Where all the threads come together

A forged joint that usually includes the spindle and steering arm, allowing the wheel to pivot, is known as a Steering Knuckle. It is a forged component that holds the assembly of the suspension, steering, axle, brakes and wheel hub together.


Lane Keeping Assist

Lane keeping assist helps drivers avoid unintended lane departures

Lane keeping assist uses a forward-looking lane detection camera combined with electric power steering (EPS) to assist the driver in avoiding unintended lane departures. If the vehicle drifts towards the lane markings - and there is a risk of crossing the lane markings unintentionally - the camera will send a torque overlay command to the EPS which, in turn, acts to help return the vehicle towards the lane center.


Mechanical Steering Gear

Mechanical steering gear: stand-alone or part of column drive electrically powered steering

Heavy Duty (HD) mechanical steering gears can be used as a stand-alone subsystem, or as part of a complete "wheel-to-wheel" steering system solution..


Modular Valve System

Modular Valve System - the new valve technology

This new Modular Valve System is the result of consistently further developing the standad valves while incorporating expertise from monotube dampers.


Monotube Damper

Shock Absorbers

In monotube dampers, the floating separating piston forms an absolutely leakproof separation between the oil and the gas.


Motor-Pump Units for transmissions

Efficient, compact and flexible solutions for a wide range of requirements

ZF provides a range of high-performance motor pump units for contemporary dual clutch and automated manual transmissions (DCTs and AMTs). These premium products offer compact, flexible and tailored solutions for all requirements that, thanks to their design, offer highly efficient use of power.



Always at the right height

The Nivomat® is installed on the rear axle in place of a conventional damper. Fully automatically and without additional electronic systems, this compact device pumps the vehicle up to its optimum ride height after only a few meters. The Nivomat® takes the energy needed to do so from the relative movements of the wheel and the vehicle body. For every load condition, this maintenance-free system sets the ideal vehicle height, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable drive.


Predictive Damping

It’s better to know what is ahead!

One of the essential features for mobility of the future is predictive knowledge about roads and their conditions. ZF’s most modern camera technologies pave the way for recognizing and analyzing the road in advance. Together with the sophisticated control of sensors and damping, “Predictive Damping” tackles adverse obstacles as well as dangers and provides for safe driving.


Rear Caliper and Integrated Park Brake (IPB)

Rear caliper IPB offers an integrated mechanical park brake with the standard service brakes

Integrated parking brakes (IPB) – designed with an integrated mechanical park brake – are available in single piston designs. The rear caliper IPB is a cost-efficient service and park brake solution for the complete car model range integrated with the world-leading Colette caliper design. Actuated by one piston and sliding housing, the Colette-type lightweight / low-drag caliper family is the most widely fitted floating caliper in the world.


Rear-axle drive with integrated all-wheel drive clutch

Intelligent mechanics for optimized propulsion performance and improved driving properties.

The rear-axle drive with integrated multidisk all-wheel drive clutch, which will enter volume production in 2018, ensures demand-driven transmission of propulsion power on the vehicle's rear axle. Due to its improved traction and driving dynamics with only slightly more weight and consumption (compared to a pure front-wheel drive), it is the ideal solution for modern all-wheel drive applications for vehicles with front-transverse engine installation.


Safety Domain ECU (generation 2)

Second-generation safety domain ECU: only one ECU required

The second-generation safety domain electronic control unit (SDE) is an active safety controller that requires only one ECU to control one or multiple system inputs. It addresses OEM demands for flexible, active safety/chassis controllers.


Safety Domain ECU (SDE)

Safety domain ECU: example of electronics integration

The company’s latest and most powerful class of control unit – the Pro AI safety domain electronic control unit – is an example of electronics integration. The safety domain ECU is a flexible integration hub that integrates a number of chassis, suspension and advanced driver assist system control functions into a single unit.


Seat Belt Systems

ZF produces a variety of seat belt safety technologies that help improve occupant protection.

ZF’s advanced belt systems help manage occupant energy during a vehicle crash. As an integral part of the vehicle’s occupant safety system, ZF seat belt technologies use sensing information to help tailor occupant protection and can work in concert with airbags to adapt to crash variables. ZF offers both front- and rear-seat applications.


Sensitive Damping Control

Improvement of the driving comfort

Sensitive Damping Control leads to enhance driving comfort without any loss in driving safety. It is used in passenger cars from compacts to upper mid-sized vehicles. The comfort can be heightened in this sector without risking safety. For minor excitations, body vibrations in sports-oriented vehicles can be dampened without any loss in comfort. Commercial vehicles represent yet another area of application. Sensitive Damping Control is especially effective in enhancing comfort in buses and vans.


Sensor Solutions

Moving into the fast lane, thanks to innovation

Whether for manual or automatic transmission, steering, the brake or the clutch: in order to reduce weight in the vehicle, mechatronic solutions are in particularly high demand. Such solutions require advanced modules with highly sensitive yet robust sensors that can function reliably for many years. Sensors are used in various different locations where non-contact measurement or a diagnostic switching solution is required.


Single and Tandem Boosters and Master Cylinder

Single and tandem booster brake actuation designs help deliver efficient brake performance and support fuel and emission targets

The Girvac tie-rod single and tandem brake booster designs allow for efficient absorption of pressure from the booster, leading to enhanced performance. It enables the booster shell to be much thinner and lighter, as the shell does not need to transmit the force through the booster. The brake booster works in combination with a fixed seal master cylinder utilizing seals that isolate the brake fluid in two distinct circuits located in the master cylinder housing.


sMOTION Active Suspension Concept

Active Damping System for the Mobility of Today and Tomorrow

sMOTION makes an important contribution to automated driving. The active damping system anticipates irregularities on the road and almost completely compensates for jerky movements, allowing occupants to work or relax without disruption in the autonomously controlled cars of the future. With this active damping concept, ZF helps to take ride comfort, driving dynamics and safety to a new level.


Stabilizer Links

Improved cornering stability

Stabilizers reduce the tendency of the vehicle structure to roll when cornering thereby improving vehicle stability on bends.


Steering Wheel Systems

ZF produces a variety of steering wheel technologies.

ZF’s steering wheels are a key element of the interaction between car and driver for both vehicle control and comfort. With more than 100 years of expertise, ZF develops innovative technologies meeting the highest quality standards. Equipped with structural safety elements, electronic components and luxury materials a steering wheel is among the most emotional components within the vehicle interior.


Suspension Ball Joints

Precise maneuverability

Suspension ball joints are integrated in, pressed in or mounted to control arms. Alternatively, they can be pressed in or screwed to the knuckle.


Suspension Strut Module

Improved comfort and steering performance

ZF is a leader in the development and production of damper and suspension strut modules.


Switches / Component Carrier

Switching to safety – component by component

Reliable position information detection by means of miniature switches are a key area of our expertise. From standardised single switches and pre-assembled solutions with cable harness and connector, right through to customer-specific component carriers – these functional modules fulfill all complex requirements.


Tie Rods

Keep you safely on track

Tie rods act as the link between steering gear and steering knuckles and transmit the driver's steering movements to the front wheels


Torque Converter

More Comfort and Less Fuel Consumption

ZF's new generation of torque converters for automatic transmissions in passenger cars features numerous new developments that ensure superior driving comfort, high dynamics, and a significant reduction in fuel consumption. One example: The torsional damping system minimized torsional vibrations to such an extent that early shift points are possible, with a consequent reduction in fuel consumption.


Traffic Jam Assist

How can you make driving in congested traffic on the highway more comfortable? Traffic Jam Assist

Traffic Jam Assist can assist you to in driving in highway traffic jams up to 60 km/h while the host vehicle automatically follows the vehicle ahead. The latest forward-looking radar and camera technology helps sense traffic and the road ahead. Fused data from both sensors is used to help adapt the vehicle speed to the speed of the vehicle ahead, with Stop-and-Go functionality. Based on optical detection of lane markings, the vehicle is centered within the occupied lane.


Tri-Cam Front Camera

Tri-Cam supports safety and comfort features

Part of ZF’s S-Cam family of advanced driver assist products, Tri-Cam is the most advanced smart-camera on the market. It simultaneously delivers long-range and short-range/wide object detection for premium and semi-automated applications, with all sensing and algorithms/computing in a single camera module.


Twin-Tube Damper

Shock Absorbers

Twin-Tube dampers require lower gas pressure levels; 6-8 bar are enough to ensure precision damping as well as low noise levels even at high compression speeds



Rear axle drive: intelligent torque distribution

By distributing the input torque individually onto either the left or right wheel, the VECTOR-DRIVE® rear-axle drive generates an additional yaw momentum. This effect supports steering motion and stabilizes the vehicle during critical evasive action with no need to apply the wheel brakes and waste energy.



The Clutch Cover with Automatic Wear Compensation

The clutch cover transmits engine torque via the clutch disc to the transmission input shaft. There is a variety of clutches with diaphragm spring for passenger cars. As clutch facings are subject to normal wear, the longer they are used the greater their actuation forces needed on the clutch covers and therefore the greater the pedal forces. With XTend®, this problem is solved by decoupling the wear on the facing


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