TUF330 is a “Clamp-on” liquid flow meter that uses the Transit Time method of measurement to read flow.
TUF338P is a Portable Clamp-On liquid flow meter operating on transit time principle, which measures over a pipe range of 50 to 1000mm ID (2 to 40”).
 Levelwizard Open Chanel Flowmeter
iSOLV Open Channel Flowmeter has been designed to give you years of trouble free performance and represents the latest in high technology ultrasonic measurement and controls for open channel flow metering (OCM) application.

 LevelWizard Ultrasonic Level
LevelWizard Ultrasonic Level is the ideal multi-functional non-contact instrument for level monitoring and control in liquid and bulk solid applications using the time of flight, through air, ultrasound technique
 SUT Series
SUT Series is a universal intelligent ultrasonic continuous level measuring system specially designed for solids.
 Sludge Wizard
The Sludge Wizard interface level monitoring system consists of a transmitter and the appropriate STD1, STD2, STD3, STD4 or STD5 sonar transducer.
Level Switch LS880
Level Switch LS880 are simple in design and ruggedly built for long service dependability. It is available in single or multi-station unit, which provides high, low and intermediate point liquid level measurement.
   VLS Series
VLS is a piezoelectric driven vibration type level control instrument that detects the minimum and maximum level in bins, silos and hoppers, filled with grained or powered materials, (bulk solids).
   VLS 100
The VLS100 is a vibration type level control instrument that detects the minimum or maximum level in bins, silos and hoppers. Due to its compact design the VLS100 is ideal for use in small hoppers filled with any kind of granular solids or pellets like granular plastics, foods, grains etc. The VLS100 is suitable for detecting materials with bulk densities of 50 gramms per liter and higher.

 Belt Scale 802
Belt scales are often working under harsh environmental conditions. For this reason the stability and quality requirements of such weighing systems are very high.
The UniFlow has been proven in the plastics, food processing, tobacco
processing and coal burning industries, incl. materials such as plastic
pellets, tobacco, corn meal grain, rice, spices, soybeans, pet food,
potato chips, and most any other flowable material.

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