Laser Technology

 Advanced NDT Systems

Compact Digital Shearography Camera

Portability Meets Power and Versatility Designed for fast and accurate nondestructive inspection of structures, components and repairs, the portable LTI-2100M features:

• Portability Meets Power and Versatility
Designed for fast and accurate nondestructive inspection of structures, components and repairs, the portable LTI-2100M features:

• Compact, rugged shearography camera
Lightweight and easy to use.

• Exceptional shearography image quality
12-bit hi-definition sensor and diffraction limited optics.

• Powerful defect analysis tools
Easily programmable image processing macros in LaserNDT 1.8.0 Software Suite for improved operator image analysis and reporting.

• Versatile camera
Easily mounts to scan gantries, robots, crawlers, tripods, vacuum attachments, and customer defined test configurations.

• Test configuration
All Mode Operation: Thermal, Vacuum, Vibration and Pressure Stressing.

• Options
Test Part Stressing Systems, Test Chambers, Gantries, Workstations, Robotic Scanners and Lasers to 2 Watts

Easy to carry, easy to use
Designed for fast and accurate nondestructive inspection of structures, components and repairs,

The portable LTI-2100M features:

• Compact, rugged shearography camera

• Exceptional shearography image quality

• Powerful defect analysis tools

• Versatile camera

Shearography Camera Systems

LTI-5000 Series 
Digital Shearography Systems

The LTI-5000 Series Shearography Systems offer a complete line of portable Shearography cameras for nondestructive testing, vibration, deformation analysis and displacement measurement. The modular design of both hardware and software allows tailoring of system capability and cost to meet end user requirements. From the miniature LTI-5400 Shearography camera to the powerful LTI-5100 with up to 10 watts of laser power and full remote control, the 5000 Series offers a full line of cameras and configurations to meet any requirement.

LTI-5100 and LTI-5100HD
All Mode, Remote Control, 
Digital Shearography Camera Systems

Our LTI-5100 and 5100HD Digital Shearography Camera Systems are capable of all mode operation with either semi-static stressing methods such as pressure or thermal stressing as well as dynamic stress methods such as Ultrasonic through transmission Shearography at frequencies to 500kHz. Our advanced ShearNDT™ software allows automatic image capture and processing with user constructed macros. Image saving with AutoSave™ allows fast data acquisition. The LTI-5100 Series are designed for use on a table top, tripod or our 9000 Series gantry scanners using all shearography stress techniques.

Our LTI-5100HD features megapixel plus resolution, continuous real-time phase map imaging and many unique and advanced features designed for the ultimate performance in shearography NDT.

Portable Vacuum Stress Shearography System

The LTI-5200 is designed for large area inspection of bonded metallic or composite sandwich structures. Inspection rates of 150 sq. ft. per hour and the capability to inspect face sheet, core bond lines (near and far side), core splice joints and composite repairs make this system a powerful tool for a wide variety of composite applications. The patented Inspection Head seals and vacuum locks to even curved surfaces. Further reduction in pressure allows the LTI-5200 to image defects using its sensitive Phase Stepping shear camera.

Portable Thermal Shearography

Portable Thermal Laser Shearography
The The LTI-6200S is a compact, portable thermal shearography system designed for the nondestructive inspection of aerospace composite repairs, structures and components. The LTI-6200S has a vacuum attach feature to allow operation in any orientation on-aircraft, on panels in the shop or on the bench. The cantilevered design (Patent applied) allows inspection up to edges and corners of flaps, control surfaces, wing panels or cut-outs. The system features automatic operation with easily programmed NDE Procedure Macros, automatic exposure and image storage. The LTI-6200S includes the Inspection Head with built-in digital shearography camera and Transit Case with all electronics and image processing computer built-in.

Production Shearography

Vacuum Shearography Systems 
LTI manufactures the LTI-9000 Vacuum Shearography System that includes the 5100 Shear Camera, Gantry, Part Fixture and Vacuum Test Chamber. Test parts are scanned a section at a time and images may be stitched together in one file.

The LTI-9000 Vacuum Test Chamber is manufactured in 8x8, 12x12 ft. cross sections in incremental lengths of 4 feet. Test chambers may be configured to meet your program requirements using modular end door, man-door, and plain sections. Chambers are manufactured complete with blower and control valves, electrical wiring harness, interior lighting and optional closed circuit video. LTI provides complete installation, certification and training.

Camera Gantry allows vertical and horizontal motion through the full volume of the test chamber and operates in manual or automatic modes with Teach/Learn capability. Test part throughput of 200-500 sq. ft. per hour is typical.

Holography Bond Test Systems

Laser Technology, Inc.’s DH-8000 Digital Holography Inspection system 

has been
designed for the holographic inspection of a wide range of both metallic and composite
bonded structures. The standard DH-8000 is configured for high frequency vibration
stressing although the system is capable of being used with a variety of stressing 

Due to varying customer requirements, fixturing, excitation methods, and file saving
options are subject to change for specific applications. This manual describes the basic
operation and maintenance procedures for the DH-8000 as configured for the inspection
of abraidable jet aircraft engine seals

The standard DH-8000 System can be divided into 3 sections; the Holographic 
Inspection Station, the Control Console Assembly, and the Vibration Excitation 
Assembly. The Inspection Station consists of the systems vibration isolation table and
enclosure, holography camera, and the Piezoelectric Shaker and fixture assembly. The
Excitation Assembly contains the amplifier and matching network used to power the PZT;
while the Control Console consists of the camera control console, computer chassis, and
support electronics.

Optical Leak Inspection Systems

NorCom 2020™
The Most Advanced Leak Test System Available

The NorCom 2020 provides automated in line, full matrix leak testing of hermetically sealed microelectronic and optoelectronic devices. It eliminates the need for helium mass spectroscopy and gross leak bubble testing by utilizing a patented laser interferometer to simultaneously measure gross and fine leaks in hermetic devices.

Since the reliability of hermetic electronic packages is dependent on the detection of gross and fine leaks, the NorCom 2020's pinpoint accuracy, repeatability and increased production throughput make the system an essential requirement for hermetic device production.

The NorCom 2020 provides quantitative leak test results in the industry standard of cc-atm/second helium. The system is ideal for optoelectronic, semiconductor and PC board-mounted devices for military, aerospace and telecommunication applications.


• Military Hi-Rel
• Microelectronics
• Optoelectronics
• Microwave
• PC board-mounted devices


• Quantitative results measured in cc-atm/second helium
• One-step calibration and setup
• Simultaneously tests for fine and gross leaks
• Tests variety of hermetically sealed devices, including PC board-mounted and pig-tailed packages
• Provides Statistical Process Control (SPC) for tracking of test results
• MIL STD approved


• Reliable and repeatable test results
• No helium mass spectroscopy or bubble testing
• Increases production throughput
• Improves packaging process control
• Eliminates back-end production bottlenecks
• Minimal training required




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