Magtrol Motor test equipment includes hysteresis, Eddy-current and magnetic powder dynamometers, controllers, power analyzers and software used to test the torque, speed and power of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic motors, gas engines and pumps.


Magtrol Load-force-weight systems are comprised of load measuring pins, sensors/transducers and load monitoring electronics in order to provide safety, control and overload protection for cranes, hoists, winches and other heavy lifting equipment.


Magtrol Torque transducers and sensors provide extremely accurate torque and speed measurement in motors, gears, pumps, clutches and valves over a very broad range, with high noise immunity.


Magtrol Hysteresis brakes and clutches provide precise tension/torque control in many types of machinery, including textile, coil winding, EDM, wire & fiber optic cable, printing and packaging.

Magtrol Rotary transmitters are used for signal transmission of transducers on a rotating part to a stationary system. Common applications include thermocouples and strain gauges.


Magtrol Displacement transducers provide contactless measurement of absolute piston position in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and other applications.

Let Magtrol test your small AC and DC motors in our state-of-the-art motor testing lab. And, for U.S. customers, Magtrol offers dynamometers, controllers, power analyzers and motor fixtures for rent.


Magtrol’s engineering team can design a complete PC-based system or modular test bench for your motor test application. Each CMTS comes fully equipped & pre-assembled with your choice of component options



Magtrol SA
Motor Testing & Sensors

Torque sensors Magtrol SA
TM Series | Torque Transducers
Magtrol’s In-Line Torque Transducers provide extremely accurate torque and speed measurement

TS Series | In-line Torque Sensor
Magtrol’s TS Series In-LineTorque Sensors provide extremely accurate torque and speed


RT 100 Series | Reaction Torque Sensors
With its compact, robust and maintenance-free design, the Magtrol RT 100 Series Reaction Torque

RT 200 Series | Reaction Torque Sensor
With its compact and maintenance-free design, the RT 200 SERIES Reaction Torque Sensor from Magtrol

Industrial brakes MAGTROL SA
PB Series - Powder Brake Dynamometers
Powder Brake Dynamometers (PB Series) are ideal for applications operating in the low to middle speed


WB Series | Eddy-Current Dynamometers
Eddy-Current Brake Dynamometers (WBSeries) are ideal for applications requiring high speeds.


Hysteresis Brakes and Clutches
Magtrol Hysteresis Brakes produce torque strictly through a magnetic air


TPB Series | Torque Powder Brake
The Torque Powder Brakes (TPB Series) are ideal for applications operating in the low speed range or


Test stands MAGTROL SA
WB23 & WB27 | High-speed Eddy-current Dynamometer
Magtrol’s WB23 and WB27 Eddy-Current Dynamometers are designed for very-high-speed motors


CTS Series | Cogging Test System
Magtrol's CTS Cogging Test System is a stand-alone test system designed to control and measure Detent


Custom Designed Motor Test Systems (test bench)
Magtrol’s Customized Motor Test Systems (CMTS) are complete, customized turn-key test benches 


Data acquisition systems MAGTROL SA
DSP 7000 Series | High Speed Programmable Dynamometer...
Magtrol’s Model DSP7000 High Speed Programmable Dynamometer Controller employs state-of-the-art


Model 3411 | Torque Display
Magtrol’s Model 3411 Torque Display is designed for use with all Magtrol TM, TMHS, TMB and TF


Other force sensors MAGTROL SA
HRL Series | Anchor Load Cell
HRL Series load cells consist of a high quality stainless steel. This compact load cell is designed

SK-02 | Cable Force Transducer
The SK-02 Cable Sensor is a low cost load cell specially designed to measure the tension force on


Shear force sensor MAGTROL SA
LE-LU Series | Load measuring pins
Magtrol Load Measuring Pins are used to measure load and force, and provide overload protection.


LB Series | Load Measuring Pins
MAGTROL Load Measuring Pins are used to measure load and force and provide overload protection.


Amplifiers MAGTROL SA
LMU Serie - Load Monitoring Units
MAGTROL's LMU-Load Monitoring Units are signal conditioners for strain gauge sensor applications.


Extensometers MAGTROL SA
KG-06 | Extensometer
The Magtrol KG-06 Extensometer is designed for measuring deformations of construction or machined parts 

Other measuring systems MAGTROL SA
ISO / IEC 17025 Accredited Torque Calibration Laboratory
ISO / IEC17025 accreditation is a recognition of laboratory expertise and a guarantee of quality for


Other measuring systems MAGTROL SA
PSD - Portable Sensor Display
FEATURES 0.01% Accuracy Rigid Versatile Handheld Instrument Min.-Max. Value 


torque meters MAGTROL SA
TF Series | Torque Flange Sensors
With its compact, bearingless, maintenance-free design, the TF Torque Flange Sensor from Magtrol brings 


Traction and compression force sensor MAGTROL SA
Miniature Force Transducer
To expand its product offer and its expertise in applications requiring measuring very small forces


Magtrol 411-512-000-011 Displacement Transducer
Magtrol 411-631-000-021 Displacement Transducer
Magtrol 422-217-000-013 Load Measuring PIN LE 217/013 200KN
Magtrol 422-217-000S012 Load Measuring PIN LE 217/S012 200KN, T
Magtrol 411-511-000-011  Dı 511/011 160Mm
Magtrol 411-512-000-011 Displacement Transducer
Magtrol 411-631-000-021 Displacement Transducer
Magtrol 422-217-000-013 Load Measuring Pin LE 217/013 200kN
Magtrol 422-217-000S012 Load Measuring Pin LE 217/S012 200kN, T
Magtrol 957.50.01.0003 VM8-5kHz Proportional Amplifier Controller
MAGTROL sensor Article.003602, HB-140M-2
MAGTROL meter 004018,HD-400-8NA,Hysteresis
MAGTROL 004303,HB-3500M-2,Hysteresis brake
MAGTROL 004303,Hysteresebremse HB-3500M
MAGTROL 004571 HB-50M-2 Hysteresebremse
MAGTROL measuring machine 005720, HD-510-8NA
MAGTROL measuring instrument 005912, HD -715-8NA
MAGTROL dynamometer control module 006256, DSP7001-0-0 CONTROLLER-1 CH (USB)
MAGTROL spare parts 122-210/011/001 LB 210 -011/001 2.5KN 3M
MAGTROL weighing probe 122-212/011/001, LB 212-011/001, 10kN, 3m
MAGTROL load sensor 122-213/011/003, LB 213-011/003 20kN, 12m, Strain gauge load measuring pin in standard version
MAGTROL sensor 122-217/011/001, LB 217-011/001 200kN, 3m
MAGTROL spare parts 122-217/111/103 LB 217-111/103 200kN, LUBRICATION, PG R, 12m
MAGTROL sensor 122-218/011/003 LB 218-011/003 500kN, 12m
MAGTROL Spare parts 198-212-000-111
MAGTROL spare parts 224-212-000-011
MAGTROL load sensor 224-216-000-011
MAGTROL sensor 224-217-000-011
MAGTROL sensor 411-511 -000-011,DI 511/011 160mm
MAGTROL spare parts 415-308-000-411 TMB 308/411 20Nm +
MAGTROL Hopper load sensor 422- 220-000-013,LE 220/013 1000kN
MAGTROL junction box 823-114-000-011, JB 114/011
MAGTROL pin sensor connector and connecting line 943-139-000-032, EH 139/032, L=12m FOR LB 2XX
MAGTROL coupling 954-21 -11- 0404, COUPLING MIC-5-0039 6.35H7/4H7
MAGTROL spare parts 957-50-01-0005 VM6-5kHz PROPORTIONAL AMPLIFIER 1A
MAGTROL sensor Item no. 411-631-000-021, Type: DI 631/021 130mm
MAGTROL sensor Item no. 422-217-000-013, LE 217/013 200kN
MAGTROL sensor Item no. 422-220-000-013, LE 220/013 1000kN
MAGTROL sensor Article.003602, HB-140M-2
MAGTROL spare parts Article . 003962,HB-140-2
MAGTROL brake Article:004112,HB-1750M-2
MAGTROL sensor Article.003602,HB-140M-2
MAGTROL high speed programmable controller Article:006369,DSP7001-1-0 CONTROLLER-1 CH(GPIB)
MAGTROL load sensor Article:122-212/011/003,LB 212-011 /003 10kN, 12m
MAGTROL weighing amplifier Article: 224-212-000-011
MAGTROL Coupling, Article.MIC-5-0617, COUPLING TYPE MIC-5-0617
MAGTROL load cell DD-03 200kN
MAGTROL high speed programmable controller DSP7001-1-0 CONTROLLER-1 CH (GPIB) + GPIB CABLE X2 2m
MAGTROL spare parts ER 113/01 Cable 5m
MAGTROL engine fixture AMF-2 ONLY
MAGTROL Hysteresis brake HB -3500M-2
MAGTROL spare parts HB-750-M2
MAGTROL dynamometer HD-715-5NA-0100, 400 mm
Hysteresis dynamometer with short base plate with MAGTROL brake Item no.003507,HB-16-2
MAGTROL brake Item no.003602,Hysteresis brake HB-140M-2,Power supply 24VDC
MAGTROL spare part Item no.004170,Hysteresis brake HB-750M-2,Power supply 24VDC
MAGTROL spare part Item no.004571,Hysteresis brake HB-50M -2
MAGTROL brake Item no.004679, Hysteresis brake HB
250-2 MAGTROL brake Item no.006077, AHB-24
MAGTROL power analyzer Item no.006339, 6530, Power Analyzer 6530 +Item no.88M047, GPIB CABLE X2 1m +Item no.957.06.39.5140,USB-GPIB-HS CARD+2m CABLE WIN XP/VISTA/7
MAGTROL Programmable Controller Item no.006369,DSP7001-1-0 CONTROLLER-1 CH (GPIB)
MAGTROL Dynamometer Item no.006658,HD- 510-5NA Hysteresis dynamometer
MAGTROL sensor Part 22-212/011/001,LB 212-011/001 10kN, Integrated cable 3m, PG axial
MAGTROL Engine Armature Item no.204216, TOOL AMF-2 ONLY
MAGTROL Spare Parts Item no.224-212-000-011, LMU 212/011
MAGTROL Spare Parts Item no.224-216-000-011, LMU 216/011
MAGTROL Torque Sensor Item no.415-307-000-411, TMB 307/411 10Nm + Item no.983-107-000-013, ER 107/013 L=5m BASE 003
MAGTROL Torque Converter Item no.415-312-000 - 011,TM 312/011 200Nm
MAGTROL Spare Parts Item no.422-220-000-013, LE 220/013 1000kN
MAGTROL Temperature Module Item no.880-001-000-011,SW-EM-TEST2.0, Endurance Motor Test Software EM-TEST2.0
MAGTROL sensor LE213 20CH 4-20mA 24V
MAGTROL sensor Material.179-130X00,Lastmessbolzen,LB210
MAGTROL sensor 22-217/111/020,LB 217-111/020 200kN,PLUG,Strain gauge load measuring pin .Rated load 200kN, radial connector
MAGTROL power supply NO.224-217-000-011, LMU 217/011
MAGTROL sensor NO.422-217-000-013, LE 217/013 200kN + CABLE: NO.943-139-000-042, EH 139/ 042 L=20m LB/LE 2XX
MAGTROL P/N 411-211-121-011. MEASURING TUBE ø15/12 L=210mm, Sleep D=15mm +/- 0.15, d=12mm, L=210mm
MAGTROL software SW-M-TEST7, Engine Test Software M-TEST 7
MAGTROL torque converter TMB311/431 + PTM 309.310-311 SUPPORT KIT + Part# ER113/01,5 meter cable 14-pin
MAGTROL torque sensor Torque sensor, Article.415-305-000-411, TMB 305/411.2Nm,
MAGTROL spare part NO.943-139-000-042, EH 139/042 L=20m FOR LB 2XX
MAGTROL sensor Article.003602, HB-140M-2



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