Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)

Nakamura Jico was founded in 1929. In 1932 Nakamura Jico was appointed as an official for the Japan Railway Ministry, the Japan Railways group supplies various railway stock parts including special bogie, passenger cabin, hull and machinery parts. Railway companies across Japan, third sector companies and locomotives for iron works. In addition, as a manufacturing company, it designs and manufactures Universal joints and Heat Exchangers for railway vehicles and industrial machines.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Rail Heaters

Installed above or below doors used by passengers to exit the railway car, this heater prevents door rails from freezing, allowing for reliable opening/closing in extremely cold regions.
Conventional products control excessive heat merely by switching the electric circuit on and off. However, recent products use self-controlling heaters that use a material where the heat producing wire itself controls the temperature.
(Self-controlling heaters are treated as a special order products).

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Flexible Airways

These airways are made from fire-resistant, non-combustible, and durable materials, offer reduced ventilation resistance, and more.

They are used in bullet trains, trains, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, freight cars, and more, as A/C duct couplers and flexible couplers for cooling ducts that protect against heat generated from motors and electronic devices.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Coupling Bellows

These railway car coupling bellows (frame edge coupling bellows) are used in trains, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, passenger cars, and more

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Electric Cooling Fan Control Systems

These systems keep the radiator cooling fan operating at the ideal speed depending on the engine coolant temperature.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)  ​Cooler Units

These operation room cooling systems are installed as modifications to railway cars that do not have any heating or cooling.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Temperature Relays

This electrical component is installed on the piping area of engine mechanisms, fluid transmissions, electric water heaters, or other devices. It detects the temperature of fluid flowing through the pipes, and then opens and closes the electric circuit based on a temperature that has been set in advance.

These devices are generally classified as follows by how they open/close circuits.

• Open type: Opens the circuit at or above the set temperature

• Close type: Closes the circuit at or above the set temperature

• COM type: Contains several connection terminals, allowing it to both open and close the circuit

• Two-point type: Provides circuit open/close control at a temperature range between a preset upper and lower limit

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Jumper Couplers

These are used to connect and couple electric circuits, such as control circuits or heating/cooling in rolling stock.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Metal Hoses

These flexible exhaust pipes are resistant against and therefore not damaged by heat expansion caused by changes in media carrying air, liquid, or other substances.

These flexible hoses offer excellent heat and weather resistance.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  NS Thermos

These non-contact thermal regulators for rolling stock are capable of simultaneously controlling multiple temperatures with a single sensor input.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Interlock Switches

Switches connects two or more contacts, allowing them to open/close circuits simultaneously.

We provide high quality switches used in various parts found in railway cars.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Master Controller

It is also sometimes called a “”master controller””.
A switch system for remotely controlling rolling stock output and speed, that is normally installed in the driver’s seat of a railway vehicle.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Anti-vibration rubber

Our products offer comfort to support vertical, longitudinal, and lateral vibration/loads and safety thanks to superior durability.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Axle Beam Rubber

These rubber bushes serve as longitudinal and lateral suspensions for axle beam type bogies. They are designed with the appropriate suspension constant in order to help prevent hunting.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Oil Dampers

These products generate a damping force from the fluid resistance of the oil. This buffers vehicle swaying and impact, ensuring a comfortable ride.

Nakamura Jico(NAJICO)​  Earth return current insulated

Electric current flowing from the frame is directed to the rail through the axles and wheels without passing through the bearings, protecting against electrolytic corrosion and other issues.


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