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Uniqueness of our Products

Coco Research Inc. has developed an ideal technology for the measurement of frequency, rotation, and flow. An extremely powerful Dynamic ForecastTM computation is the principle of working of our precision measuring instruments. The trade of PERIOMETICTM with its distinguishing features receives international acclaim for our products due to its ultra fast operation, efficient response to abrupt

On the basis of past 35 years experience the products have been designed to meet the standard for reliability especially needed for applications in high performance automobile, railway, and motorbike industry. Today’s our lightweight and ultra fast devices have defined the roadmaps to excellent performance with superior quality automobiles, motorbikes and trains in Japan.

Highly accurate, versatile, and multi functional devices

Frequency to Voltage Converters (F/V): “Input frequencies out put real time analog display”.

Tachometers: “Two channel photo MOS relays and RS-232C high speed analog output”.

Speed detecting sensors: “magnetic and frequency sensors out put speed, electrical, and logic signals”


Cocoresearch​ converter KAZ-723 / 723A High response F/V  

Frequency to Voltage Converters (F/V): KAZ-723 / KAZ-723A converts input frequencies into real time analog output display. It enables to analyze the characteristics of high acceleration mechanical systems. It efficiently captures accelerating or decelerating, periodic or unperiodic, continues or discontinues, and suddenly starting or stopping frequencies to convert into output voltage with ideal response time on the basis of operation based on PERIOMATICTM. It accepts frequencies from rotary encoder, optical sensor, gear speed sensor, and converts these mechanical actions into analog voltage.
The range of KAZ-723 / 723A is 0.04Hz to 200kHz with a response time of 5micros and resolution of 6.25ns. Besides F/V conversion it offers deviation data that is the measurement of fluctuations in the input frequencies.
Our products, extensively used in all automotive Industries of Japan, offer distinguishing features based on PERIOMETRICTM technology.

KAZ-723 Catalog download

KAZ-723A Catalog download



Cocoresearch​ Periomatic Tachometer TDP-3921-R  

The TDP-3921-R tachometer, used in almost every Japanese automotive industry, has unique functions. It offers two channels photo MOS relays output and RS-232C high-speed communication. Above all, it has unique optional functions like BCD and analog output with an ideal response time of 1ms. Its measurement range is from 0.0006Hz to 100kHz with a programmable display to read out in terms of wide range of units like rpm, rps, Hz, km/h, l/min, g/h, etc.

TDP-3921-R Periomatic Tachometer Catalog download



High speed analog output
The measured value can be transmitted as -10 to 10V analog signal (0 to 10V when input is single phase pulse) to other devices / system such as data logger or PLC. The polarity of analog output follows the direction of rotation of pulse generator. The analog signal can be scaled, e.g. 0 to 10V = 0 to 8000rpm. Where as the updating time is 1ms.

Wide range

Input frequency range is 0.0006Hz to 100kHz without any change in range. The display accuracy is 20ppm±1digit.

Employing PERIOMATICTM technology

The forecast computation PERIOMATICTM, versatile software, is the principle of working of TDP-3921-R. It enables the user to get analog output voltage even in the presence of heavy fluctuations. The PERIOMATICTM has stop (zero speed) forecasting function, so the TDP-3921-R immediately responds to sudden stop of the incoming pulses.

Compatibility to variety of Inputs
The TDP-3921-R can directly be connected to varying sensors like AC magnetic pickups, rotary encoders, proximity sensors, and pulse output devices. The TDP-3921-R can detect the direction of rotation of pulse generators and indicate it by minus or plus sign on LED display and analog output when 2 phase signals are applied.
Large 14.2mm bright LED display with fixed or floating decimal point
Three kinds of averaging function, time average, moving average, and pulse dividing average are used to dealt with irregular and heavily laden with fluctuation incoming pulses.
It offers independent and programmable updating times of display and analog output




Periomatic tachometer






Number of inputs


Input frequency range



102ns (9.8MHz)

Input method

1)Single phase pulse
2)UP/DOWN signals of 2 inputs (separate pulse)
3)2 phases A and B with 90degreephase difference

Input pulse width

MIn.4micros (both H level and L level)

Input lovel

Logic : logic signals of more than 3.5V in H level and less than 1V in L level
Zerocross : alternative signal between plus or minus100mV to plus or minus30V

Withstand voltage

plus or minus30V

Input connector

Terminal block (7.62mm intervals, M3 terminal screw)

Sensor power supply

+12V 50mA max


Measurement mode

Frequency meter mode / Period meter mode

Operation rate

Setting the displayed value against input frequency
Input frequency rate : 0.00001-999999 (Hz)
Display rate : 0.00001-999999

Dividing rate (pulse average)

1-999 (divided frequency by software)

Number of moving average


Dynamic forecastTM

8 steps
(continuous estimate and, one cycle maintaining are included)

Chatter suppressing function

The chattering is removed

Dual range

Setting two kinds of operation rate

Memory of the set value

INonvolatile memory (EEPROM)


Displayed colors



7 segments of LEDs, character height is 0.56" inches (14.2mm)

Display digits

6 digits

Range of display


Display of polarity

-means lighting, +means no lighting

Over display

By the OL display

Zero display

Reading of zero suppression

Position of decimal point

Automatic range and fixed range
□□□□□□.- □.□□□□□ 

Display update time


Display accuracy

20ppm plus or minus1 digit @23degree Celsius

【Analog Output】

Output voltage range



About 10000 (-10V - +10V)

Output updating time


Full scale setting range

Display value setting in full scale (0.00000-99999)

Load resistance

Min. 4.7kohm

Output accuracy

Max. plus or minus0.2% of full scale @23degree Celsius

Temperature fluctuation



Max. plus or minus0.1%

【Comparator Output】

Number of channels

2 channels (HIGH and LOW)

Output signal

Isolated noncontact output (photo moss relay)


DC 350V maximum 80mA (resistance load)
AC240V maximum 80mA (resistance load)

ON resistance

Under 50ohm

Updating time

Synchronization is selected for display updating time and analog output updating time

Response time

Max. 3ms

Output connector

Terminal block (7.62mm intervals, M3 terminal screw)


Communication method

Asynchronous commmunication method

Communication level

Serial communications by RS-232C

Communication parameter

Fixed at baud rate of 2400bps

Communication connector

Hexpole plug-in phone jack

Output timing

Communication output of displayed data at every display updating


Power supply input
*factory delivery option)

TDP-3921-RA10 AC100V 10% 50/60Hz
TDP-3921-RA11 AC115V 10% 50/60Hz
TDP-3921-RA20 AC200V 10% 50/60Hz
TDP-3921-RA23 AC230V 10% 50/60Hz
TDP-3921-RDF DC9.6-30V

Electric power consumption

Max. 8VA

Outside dimentions

96 (W) × 48 (H) × 150 (D) mm DIN standards


Approximately 700g

Operating temperature & humidity limits

0 to +40 / Under 85%RH (no dewing)

Storage temperature

-20 to +70



Cocoresearch​ Pulse counter with high-speed analog output  CNT-723 

The CNT-723, an efficient pulse counter, outputs analog voltage proportional to the angle of a rotary encoder or the position of a linear scale at high speeds.
It has been designed for the measurement of rotation angle of power trains. For example in case of motor and controller testing, tire testing, engine testing or for similar applications.

CNT-723 Catalog download

Distinguishing features
Maximum input frequency for A/B pulse is 2MHz
It accepts A/B pulse (quadrature pulse), single phase pulse and UP/DOWN puls
Full scale and zero scale of analog output can freely be set
CNT-723 is a plus or minus47bit pulse counter
Has analog output response time of 7.6micros
It offers two kinds of reset functions, reset signal (Z signal) and manual rese
16x2 digit display shows analog output full scale and count value
16bit analog output with plus or minus5V or plus or minus10V range



Name Pulse counter with high speed analog output
Model CNT-723
Signal Input
Number of inputs 1
Input signal Single phase signal, A/B phase signal, UP/DOWN signals
Input frequency range 2MHz (Max.)
Input circuit characteristics
Input circuit
1) General input signals
Input signal Logic / zero cross (AC)
Trigger level 0.00 to 10.00V
2.5V (Logic input)
Input sensitivity Min 1V p-p
Input withstand voltage plus or minus50V
Input resistance 100kohm / 10kohm
when pull-up to +5V : 1.36k
Input coupling DC / AC
AC coupling frequency characteristic 4Hz (-3dB, 6dB / oct)
Low-pass filter None / 15kHz (-3dB, 6dB / oct)/
150kHz (-3dB, 6dB / oct)
Input connector BNC connector / screwless terminal block (internal short circuit)
2) Line driver input
Input signal Line driver signal
Input sensitivity Min. 1V (differential voltage)
Input withstand voltage plus or minus25V (for GND)
plus or minus25V (differential voltage)
Recommended line driver AM26LS31 or equivalent
Terminator 340ohm / none
Input connector Screwless terminal block
Input pulse width MIn. 150ns (both H level and L level) *Logic input
Trigger direction Rise / Fall
Input indicator TRIG'D LED : Flash during pulse input
(continuously light for high-speed pulse)
Power supply for sensor +5V : Max. 150mA
+12V : Max 120mA
Display 16x2 character dot matrix LCD (LED back light illumination)
Display mode 1) Count (direct count)
2) Degree (number of rotations + degree)
3) Degree Minute Second (number of rotations
+degree minute second)
4) Length (multi scaling)
Arithmetic Operation
Pulse counter capacity plus or minus47bit
Set value storage Non-volatile memory
Operation time Max. 3.5micros
Analog response total time Max. 7.6micros
Analog Output
Number of outputs 1
Output voltage range plus or minus10V / plus or minus5V
Output resolution 16bit (about plus or minus10.8V)
Measurement mode Linear counter / Ring counter / Magnify
Calibration output +100% / 0% / -100%
Temperature fluctuation Max. 200ppm / degree Celsius
Output accuracy Max. 0.1% full scale @23 degree Celsius
Linearity Max. 0.1% full scale @23 degree Celsius
Load resistance Min. 4.7kohm
Output zero adjustment range plus or minus200mV
Output connector BNC connector
Connunications standards EIA-574 (RS-232C)
Setting change and reading of a measurement value)
Communication system Asynchronous
Baud rate 9.6kbps / 19.2kbps / 38.4kbps / 57.6kbps / 115.2kbps
Start bit 1bit
Stop bit 1bit
Data length 8 bits
Parity bit none
Communication code ASCtwo
Power supply input AC100V to 240V (50Hz / 60Hz)
Power consumption Max. 30VA
Isolation Sensor power source and signal input / analog output / power supply input / housing
Outside dimentions 57 (W)  218 (H)  218(D) mm
(2.24 (H) 8.58 (W)  8.58 (D) inches)
Weight Approximately 1.8kg (without accesories)
Operating temperature & humidity limits 0degree Celsius to +40degree Celsius / Max. 85%RH (no dewing)
Storage temperature & humidity limits -10degree Celsius to +60degree Celsius / Max. 85%RH (no dewing)


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